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Affiliate marketing is a great model for those merchants who are focused on selling their products online. The product does not need to be digital, as long as it is sold online, it is suitable for affiliate marketing. This type of marketing favors merchants and it is usually much more cost effective in comparison to other types of online promotion such as click or impression based campaigns. Tradedoubler is an affiliate network provider and a platform that helps merchants increase sales of their products by means of connecting with individuals who are willing to promote their products for a commission.

So How Does It Work?

Each affiliate network, including Tradedoubler is divided into two groups of users: advertisers and publishers. An advertiser is just another term for a merchant. Merchants and business owners should register on Tradedoubler in order to start their affiliate program. On the other hand, publishers (or affiliates) join the network looking to connect with merchants in order to take part in their promotional campaigns and earn a commission for each sale they drive.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance marketing. Merchants only pay for real conversions. A conversion can be any type of action that is deemed valuable from merchant’s perspective. In other words, merchants only pay for the results. This conversion goal can be a sale, newsletter signup, download or anything else. If there is no sale or accountable conversion, there is no cost for the merchant (advertiser). This is what makes affiliate marketing different. In other types of online marketing, clicks or impressions are charged even though they might not bring any return of investment in terms of actual sales boost.

Merchants who join a Tradedoubler network will be able to provide information about their products as well as set up commissions for affiliates. These products will then be instantly exposed on the network to a huge base of publishers (affiliates) looking to join new campaigns. When an affiliate finds a products he likes, he can join the affiliate program and start promoting it. Promotion can be done through any channel: blog posting, website banners, social media, etc. An affiliate has a special link that he needs to use when promoting the product(s) and in case a visitor uses that link to go to merchant’s website, and a conversion is detected, the affiliate will earn his commission which is already determined by the merchant whose program is being promoted. The affiliate earns a percentage of each sale he is responsible for. Affiliates are motivated to do their best when promoting the products as their income depends solely on their own performance (and product relevance as well as quality of course).



There are several payment models that are available on the Tradedoubler network, when it comes to how affiliates are paid based on their performance. The first and the most popular one is the CPA (Cost per acquisition or sale) model. Next there is a CPL (cost per lead) model, where merchants pay for actions such as newsletter signups or other similar actions which are not actual sales but could lead to sales in the future. For example, in case of a new product launch, a merchant could start building an email list of customers who are interested in making a purchase when a product comes out. Tradedoubler also supports cost per download model where downloads are tracked as successful conversions and paid by merchants. This kind of model is good for mobile platforms and apps marketing. Finally we have a cost per call model, where calls to the call center are considered successful conversions. Some companies selling products online still rely on the call center agents finalizing sales.

Tradedoubler also offers traditional CPC and CPM models that are based on clicks and impressions. This model is not that popular among those merchants looking to set up affiliate programs, and so many other companies offer it too (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads etc).


How to Get Started?

When signing up as a merchant, you should look for an option to become an “Advertiser” on Tradedoubler. When on the home page, click on the “Advertisers” header menu item in the top left corner of the page. Once on the page, you will get information about benefits of becoming one of advertisers. From there, you will be able to find contact information. Merchants can use a phone number or contact form on the site to get more information about opportunities and costs of joining the network. The direct contact email that merchants (advertisers) can use is:

Once registered on the network, a merchant needs to set up his affiliate program campaign and add information about the products. The merchant needs to upload information about products available, add pictures and prices, set commissions and integrate the tracking to work with his website. The goal is to make products available to potential affiliates who would be promoting them. Affiliates will then browse the Tradedoubler network in search for cool products and opportunities. When they find a product they like, they will start promoting it online through their own channels. Once a sale that is driven by an affiliate is registered, an affiliate earns a commission.


Plans and Pricing

Tradedoubler unfortunately does not share pricing information on their website. A merchant needs to contact their sales team for a quote and all other financial details. What is common to all the affiliate networks and also something you as a merchant should expect is that there might be a network admission fee as well as transaction fees. Network admission fee is usually paid one-off, as a sort of entry fee. Transaction fees on the other hand are charged each time a commission is paid out to the affiliate. Often, it presents a small percentage of the commission. Finally, some affiliate networks have monthly minimum fees and deposits. These are all the questions you should ask the sales agent when discussing your registration as an advertiser on Tradedoubler network.


The benefits

Exposure to a large base of potential affiliates who are already on the network and looking for new clients to work with can help merchants start their affiliate program faster in comparison to using affiliate software.
Lots of high quality merchants are using this platform
Thousands of affiliates registered on the network
Integration of different payment models
Phone support




No payment plans or sign up fees information available on the website
No tutorial videos or demo available publically
Lack of documentation and technical guides




Frequently Asked Questions

“What is the main benefit of joining a Tradedoubler network?”

When you join the network as an advertiser, you get instant exposure to a large base of affiliates (publishers) who are already on the network. This can speed up the process of starting an affiliate program and making first sales.

“Do I need to pay for each click or visitor that came to my site?”

No, a merchant can set up rules for his promotional campaigns and define which actions he considers as successful conversions. Merchants only pay for the actions that matter to them (sales, downloads, clicks etc).

“Which advertising formats are supported on Tradedoubler?”

Tradedoubler supports all the common advertising formats out there including video ads, banners, text ads, flash as well as mobile ads.

“How can I register as an advertiser (merchant) on the network?”

You need to call +44 (0) 207 798 5800 or use the online contact form to get in touch and discuss possibilities of joining the network as an advertiser.

“Who are the affiliates?”

Affiliates are called publishers on the network and these are individuals who will be joining your affiliate program and marketing your products through their own websites or channels, all with the goal of making sales and earning their commission.

“Can affiliate marketing increase brand awareness?”

Yes, even when affiliate marketing does not generate conversions such as successful sales, it always brings positive results as affiliates are spreading the word and sending traffic to the merchant’s website.

“Does Tradedoubler support mobile platforms?”

Yes, Tradedoubler network supports mobile affiliate marketing for boosting mobile products and websites, which is a great opportunity to spread the reach of your promotion through this type of marketing.




About The Company

Tradedoubler is an affiliate network founded in Sweden that has been around since 1999. The headquarters are in Stockholm. This network has more than 2,000 clients signed up and 180,000 affiliates. This company operates in 69 countries and has 350+ employees. With website available in multiple languages, this company tries hard to reach customers worldwide by providing a product that is user-friendly and that supports many different languages.





Final Recommendation

Tradedoubler is an international affiliate network featuring more than 2,000 advertisers and 180,000 affiliates. Merchants can join this network to gain instant exposure to thousands of potential affiliates who are ready to help with marketing, boost sales as well as brand awareness. Utilizing the power of performance based marketing model such as affiliate marketing is a great way to boost your online business presence and revenue.