Tapfiliate ® Full Review

  • Approximate Price: $49/month – $119/month with 14-day free trial period.




Affiliate programs have become a great way to earn some extra income for both the publishers and the affiliates, which is why this type of activity is inseparable part of modern online marketing. What can really make affiliate marketing successful and smooth to set up is having handy affiliate software that allows you to set up campaigns, monitor the activity and easily take care of the payments.

Tapfiliate is cloud-based affiliate software, allowing users to easily create, track and optimize their own affiliate programs. It is great for e-commerce and SaaS companies, as these types of businesses can find a lot of benefits promoting their products with this kind of online advertising. As a creator of your own affiliate program, you take control of your campaign, by choosing where the campaign will be visible, which types of campaigns you want to use, which affiliates to choose, etc. This results in an online strategy that is going to help you boost your profits and increase brand awareness.


So How Does it Work?

Starting an affiliate program is great for those merchants who sell services or products online. Affiliate program works in such a way that merchants make their products available to potential affiliates. Affiliates are users who promote your products in order to earn commission for each sale they generate. This is great for merchants as besides affiliate program management costs (managing software or affiliate network platforms), there are really no additional costs yet lots of benefits. Affiliates who join the program look for products which they like and which they feel good about promotion to their target audience (their website, blog etc.). In case affiliates do not generate any sales, merchants do not need to pay anything. Only confirmed sales are eligible for commission payments. This makes affiliate programs really interesting to merchants as opposed to standard pay per impression or click advertising on Google, Facebook and other platforms. In case of affiliate marketing, merchant only pays for the results.

Tapfiliate is a simple solution which allows you to create your first affiliate program within a couple of minutes. By using available modules and guides, you can integrate Tapfiliate into your online marketing campaign and set up your first affiliate program through the platform. Since Tapfiliate is cloud based, it means that there will be no complicated installation on your own web server. Instead, the software is preinstalled on Tapfiliate servers and ready to use. You will need to integrate a custom code or install available modules though, in order to track sales. There are plug-ins available for popular platforms such as WordPress. This generally requires a bit of technical know-how, and even though the guides are available on their site, not everyone will be able to follow them easily, depending on the website platform the merchant is using.

Once the program is setup and tracking activated, the next step is to add affiliate links. These are links to products and/or services sold on your site. You can include both banners and text links, all of which will become available to the affiliates for their marketing efforts. When affiliate joins your program (after your approval of course), he gets access to your promotional campaigns where he/she can get custom links and other marketing materials. These links are used in promotions run by affiliates and if visitors use the custom links for signup, affiliates earn commissions.

The Dashboard

Tapfiliate dashboard is available with all payment plans, and it contains all the features and tools that are used for creating and monitoring an affiliate program. This is the admin panel for a merchant to use for setting up the campaign. Different statistics and details can be found here, which are helpful for modifying your campaigns and tweaking them for optimal performance.

Mix and match feature

Mix and match feature is going to help you set up a custom commission types, which is perfect if you want to create a structured program with different commissions for different types of products. You can also base your commissions on different types of commissions, such as percentage based commission, fixed commission or recurring commission.

Multi-level marketing (MLM)

Tapfiliate software allows you to create unlimited sub-levels for your affiliate programs, which means you can make the most out of multi-level marketing, an affiliate marketing strategy based on the approach where you encourage affiliates to recruit new affiliates. This means that affiliates are motivated to promote your affiliate program to their colleagues in order to earn extra from their resulting sales. Merchants get free affiliate program promotion and quicker affiliates sign up rates this way so it is a win-win situation.

Amazon CloudFront

This feature is a content delivery web service which helps you transfer banners quickly to your affiliate partners.


All affiliate pages are available in several languages; this makes the software more accessible to affiliates from all around the world.

A fully branded experience

Affiliate programs are perfect for improving branding and Tapfiliate software allows you to customize your program completely. Since branding is an important aspect of each business nowadays, with this software you get access to a branded affiliate portal, a custom sub-domain, as well as domain aliasing with full SSL support.

Other features which can be very helpful when managing your affiliate program include asset management (allows you to upload marketing materials related to your program), conversion meta data (visible and searchable meta data), fraud detection (each conversion is checked), multi currency (the software support all thinkable currencies), one-click social sharing (convenient tool for easily sharing your program on social media).

Affiliates will be exposing your products and company all over the web, and even if their activities do not necessarily result in sales – your business gains brand exposure and lots of external traffic and links. External links also help with ranking on search engines.


Plans and Pricing

There are several plans available with different types of features or limitations. 14-day free trial period is available for each plan, and there is no long-term contract, so you can cancel the service at any moment.

Value plan is available at $49 per month and it includes the following features:

  • All basic features
  • Customer branding (white label)
  • 1,000,000 tracking events (these include banner and text links impressions, sale/lead registrations, and tracked clicks)

Pro is the name of the second plan, available at $79 per month with the following features:

  • All basic features
  • Customer branding (white label)
  • Track multiple domains
  • Use your own domain
  • 2,000,000 tracking events (these include banner and text links impressions, sale/lead registrations, and tracked clicks)

Volume plan is available at $119 per month and the features included in this plan are the following:

  • All basic features
  • Customer branding (white label)
  • Track multiple domains
  • Use your own domain
  • 7,500,000 tracking events (these include banner and text links impressions, sale/lead registrations, and tracked clicks)

Besides the custom features, all plans include:

  • Automatic tracking of the affiliate programs
  • An access to a dashboard
  • Multiple commission types
  • Geo distribution stats
  • Affiliate profiles
  • Customizable affiliate signup page
  • Use of image or HTML 5 banners, text links and product feeds
  • Lightning fast banner delivery
  • Free integration modules and guides
  • Automatic fraud detection
  • Social share program
  • One-click generation of affiliate payouts
  • Automation of work-flow using Triggers and REST api

If you are running an enterprise business looking to find even more advanced features within your affiliate software, you will have to contact the company directly to get additional information about enterprise pricing.


How To Get Started?

The first thing you need when getting started with this, or any other affiliate program, is to choose among several plans offered by the company. Each plan consists of a set of features, adapted to fulfill the needs of different kinds of merchants, and different types of campaigns they want to host. Tapfiliate offers free trial period for all the programs, so simply click on the “Start free trial” button and provide account details necessary for your account to be created. You will be able to use the software for 14 days, without any additional costs, and once your trial is over you can choose a plan you find most valuable for your company.

When you sign up, you are ready to create your first affiliate campaign by utilizing all of the features that could make the campaign efficient and successful. You can either install the software manually, using modules and by following guides, or you can copy and paste the Tapfiliate tracking code into the footer of your website. Tapfiliate supports integrations with many popular tools and applications, such as WordPress, Shopify, Prestashop, WooCommerce, PayPal, Weebly, etc. If you need any assistance during the installation, you can always contact the support in order to get help from Tapfiliate’s team.


The Benefits

No additional costs per each affiliate transaction. This is a big plus for affiliate software in comparison to affiliate networks where you need to pay additional fees per each transaction.
Available in several languages
Cloud-based solution which simplifies the installation procedure
Integrates with WordPress, Paypal etc.
Free integration service



Merchants need to market their affiliate program on their own in order to attract potential affiliates and spread the word. If you are looking for instant exposure to thousands of high quality affiliates, we suggest joining on of affiliate networks instead.
The software is only available on subscription basis, no one-time purchase option available
No demo available on the site
Extra features in Pro and Volume do not necessarily motivate the higher price
Conversion page and landing page need to be on the same domain for proper tracking
Installation guides are not detailed and do not include tutorial videos


Frequently Asked Questions

“What is a tracking event?”

Tapfiliate uses a term tracking event to keep track of four types of events, which include views (each time a banner and text link is viewed), clicks (each time a banner and text link is clicked), conversions and trigger actions (actions set as triggers using “Triggers” feature). Tapfiliate pricing plans are limited by the number of events you can track.

“What happens if I exceed my monthly tracking events?”

The amount of tracking events you exceeded over the plan’s monthly limit, would be multiplied by the price of a single tracking event inside the next plan.

“What happens when affiliates make sales?”

You will get notification in your dashboard of the amounts payable. All of the transactions can be exported as CSV file.

“Where can I find my account ID?”

Account ID is used inside the Tapfiliate tracking code and it can be found in your dashboard. Click on the “Tap” icon in the top right corner of the dashboard and find the option “Integration” to see you account ID.

“How does tracking work?”

Once you paste the tracking code to your website, you will be able to monitor tracking events inside you Tapfiliate tracking software. Since Tapfiliate relies on “cookies”, the landing page code and the conversion page code should both be on the same domain. Otherwise, it will not be possible to use cookies to track events.

“How to invite affiliates to join my program?”

When you create an affiliate program on Tapfiliate, you will get an invite link on the program overview page. You can share this link on social media, in an email, on affiliate forums, directories, etc.

“What is cookie time?”

The standard cookie time is between 30 and 90 days. During this period the affiliate will still be credited for the conversion.


About The Company

Tapfiliate is a new company on the market, founded in 2014. The company headquarters are in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This company is striving to provide the best possible cloud based affiliate software solution.



The Bottom Line

Tapfiliate is a cloud-based affiliate software solution that helps merchants setup and start their own affiliate programs. Since the software is cloud-based, there is no complicated installation process involved, unlike more traditional affiliate software out there. This software includes all the standard features a merchant would need to manage and run an affiliate program.