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    $25 – $149 / Month (on their server) + Clickinc can provide the integration service for $99 or you can do it yourself for FREE.



ClickInc brings us affiliate software and management tool merchants can use to setup affiliate program on their website. Affiliate marketing has become huge over the last decade due to proven results it brings to businesses worldwide. Affiliate marketing is something all retailers should consider, especially if they are selling their products or services online. Traditional online marketing such as text and banner ads can still be successful but it usually also means a huge investment for the business owner in terms of budget, while in the end the results cannot be guaranteed in terms of sales, leads or conversions.

This is where affiliate marketing shines and that is probably what made this whole marketing approach so popular over the years – merchants only pay for the results. The affiliate marketing model is based on the results, which can be successful sales, site signups, newsletter signups etc. Merchants in this case pay only for those results in a form of a commission split with the affiliates. Affiliates are the marketing force, as they sign up for the program in order to gain access to marketing opportunities. They select certain products and market them using their own proven methods. In case they are successful and generate sales, they earn a commission. The amount can vary depending on the affiliate program and the deal with the merchant, in most cases it is a certain percentage of the product price.

ClickInc brings us affiliate management software which is needed to organize a successful affiliate program. This is an interface or should we say platform which provides all the necessary functionality such as affiliate signups, managing affiliates, setting up products and different affiliate programs, generating reports and the most important – tracking of successful sales or conversions.


So How Does It Work?

Admin Dashboard

Admin dashboard is the place where you will be spending most of your time managing the affiliate program. When you first login, you will notice that the interface features a header menu with all the sub-menu items and a main content display area.

Let’s go through the menus and features and check out what they do:

  • Home tab

This is the default dashboard view shown when merchant logs in. Merchant can see an overview of his affiliate program and information related to affiliates, active alerts, messages etc. There are also different stats shown related to sales and generated income. Next, there are several additional menus listed under the main “dashboard” menu and those include affiliates listing (this is where merchant can find information about affiliates who joined his program; crate new accounts, filter data etc), then there is a menu showing information related to disabled affiliates. All campaigns menu shows information about currently active campaigns and related stats such as clicks, impressions, commission etc. Finally there are messages, contact and clean up menus. Messages are used for communication between merchant and affiliates. Contact menu allows creation of the greeting message shown in the affiliates back end, and there is an option for emailing certain affiliates or specific groups. The rest of the settings here are related to email logs, email settings, customization of the affiliate registration page etc.

  • Reports tab

This menu includes options related to generating different kind of reports related to alerts, traffic stats, follow up emails, domains sending traffic and generating trend graphs. These reports can be helpful to assess the overall performance of your affiliate program and strategies used. Active alert details are shown by default, which incite which affiliates are sending less traffic than usual and other details. There is a dedicated traffic stats features which is a more advanced version of alerts menu. You can compare the data in more details here. Follow up menu shows stats related to emails and follow up messages sent. Domain feature shows status and different stats related to domains. Since ClickInc supports TruLink functionality, a different domains can be approved which are in use by affiliates. This way all traffic from those domains is tracked. This makes life easier for the affiliates when it comes to trackable links. Finally there is a trend graphs option which is used to create graphics out of different stats and based on various filters.

  • Sales & Commission tab

This section contains information related to sales and by default “orders” tab is shown. Here the merchant can see all the orders, pending orders, domain orders, tier orders and re-orders listing. Recurring orders section shows orders which are related to subscription based services which are recurring until canceled. Affiliate balance displays information related to affiliate earnings and current balance. We can find an important tool here labeled “Pay Affiliates”. This is the tool used by merchants to review all pending commissions and issue payments. Next, there are payment and transaction history tabs showing information about past payments and transactions. Finally, there is a post manual order option, allowing merchants to add a manual order to the system. This can be used to track offline sales.

  • Marketing tab

This section is important for merchants as this is the place to add all the promo materials such as banners, text links, HTML ads, coupons etc. These materials will then be used by affiliates in their marketing efforts. Be creative here and add high quality materials.

  • Settings tab

This is the place to tweak all the settings related to merchant account and affiliate program. This menu includes general settings, tier settings, managers, SKUs, affiliate groups, merchant profile and payment information. Merchants can also change their login password here.



Affiliates dashboard

Affiliates upon signing up for your affiliate program get a login which they can use to access the affiliate interface where they can get all the details.

  • Affiliate dashboard

Affiliate dashboard shows main statistics by default upon logging in. Here affiliates can find their balance and stats related to number of sales, re-orders, commissions earned, impressions, clicks on their links, etc.

  • Report tab

This menu features options covering orders, payment history, URL details, affiliate links and tier affiliates. Orders section shows information about orders, pending orders, commission per each order, etc. Payment history feature lists details about payments with details such as payment type, amount, date, etc. Next, there is a URL details feature which shows useful data related to traffic and sales sent from each domain participating in affiliate marketing. This information is essential to affiliates in order to identify best performing campaigns. Affiliate links feature is similar to URL details one. It shows where the traffic is coming from and provides details such as originating URL, clicks, sales, conversion rate, etc. Tier affiliates menu shows performance by sub-affiliates.

  • Marketing section

Affiliates will be spending most of their time here initially when thinking about their marketing strategy. This section contains everything related to affiliate program and offers available. Affiliates can get links, banners, HTML ads and other promotion related materials here. It is important that they use the traceable links and add TruLink code to their website in order to track successful sales.

  • Settings menu

Here affiliates can access messenger function for communication with the merchant, change profile information, password and payment details.





Plans and Pricing

What is usually the case when purchasing an affiliate software solution,  is that there are two paths to take: in-house affiliate program hosting and downloadable licenses.

ClickInc software comes only as hosted version. This means that the software is installed in the cloud and no software installation is needed on your server to get started using it. You will need to do several integration steps to make sure the system works with your website. Clickinc can provide the integration service for $99.

There are 3 monthly payment plans available:

1. The most affordable plan is priced at $25 per month and it includes:

  • 100 TruLink clicks per month
  • 50,000 regular clicks per month
  • Unlimited number of impressions
  • Unlimited number of affiliates

2. In the middle, there is a payment plan priced at $69 per month, which includes:

  • 500 TruLink clicks per month
  • 100,000 regular clicks per month
  • Unlimited number of impressions
  • Unlimited number of affiliates

3. The most expensive plan comes at $149 per month with the following features:

  • Unlimited number of TruLink clicks
  • Unlimited number of regular clicks
  • Unlimited number of impressions
  • Unlimited number of affiliates

The biggest difference in these payment plans is the number of TruLink clicks allowance per month. This technology presents a more advanced tracking technology which can have positive effects on SEO and ranking of the website. The most basic payment plan features a rather small number of TrueLink clicks included and if you plan to utilize this technology, you might easily reach the limit as your affiliates become busy promoting your website and products.

It is interesting that all registrations start with the basic plan at $25 and you are charged at the end of the month based on your consumption. You will be automatically upgraded to the next payment plan if you exceed the monthly allowance of the previous.



How to Get Started?

If you do not have an account, use the “Sign Up” button at the top to get started.

You will be redirected to payment plans page where you will have to choose the Starter Plan. Once you click on the “Sign Up” button displayed as a part of the Starter Plan, you will need to provide account information and business details in order to create an account.




The Benefits

No hidden fees. This is a great benefit of using affiliate software in comparison to joining one of the affiliate networks out there. When using software, there are no additional fees related to individual transactions and sales, besides the fixed monthly fee.
TruLink tracking technology
Great customer support and live chat support
Demo available per request
Detailed documentation and integration instructions availability
First month for FREE offer
Extra services like affiliate program training, program evaluation, recruiting, etc.




Retailers are the ones who need to market their affiliate program in order to attract potential affiliates. Without a significant number of affiliates signed up, affiliate program cannot bring value and positive results. This is why some merchants choose to join one of affiliate networks instead as there they get instant exposure to thousands of potential affiliates.
It is not possible to purchase a license for a one-time payment (this is something other affiliate software companies offer)
Cost of integration service (this is usually offered for free)
Even though lots of shopping carts are supported, not all shopping carts may support ClickInc integration




Frequently Asked Questions

“Is there a money back guarantee?”

ClickInc offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can get a full refund during this period if you are not satisfied with the software performance or if there are issues with the server where the software is hosted.

“How do I cancel?”

You can cancel any time by providing a written notice of cancelation and sending it to

“Is there a demo available?”

Yes, you can request demo access by visiting the homepage and clicking on a “demo” link in the header. Once you file your request, a response with login information will arrive in your mailbox shortly.

“How do I get support?”

You can get support via several channels: live chat support, phone support and via support center which also features extensive documentation.

“What are TruLinks?”

TruLink integration presents a sort of revolution when it comes to affiliate links. These links can actually increase your website rankings as affiliates will no longer be using unique and custom links for sending traffic to your site. Instead, they use actual links of specific pages on your site, therefore generating a search engines boost due to all the new inbound links.

“I’m not very experienced. Can I get help from ClickInc team with customizing my affiliate program and campaigns?”

Yes, ClickInc offers a number of add-on features such as expert support in setting up and optimizing your affiliate program. These features might come at an additional cost.

“Is it hard to integrate ClickInc on my site?”

No, and you can do it yourself by following step-by-step instructions provided in the support center.



About The Company

ClickInc company head office is located in Vancouver, Canada. This is a relatively small company with 9 employees who all work mostly in management. They also have a significant presence in India with more than 75 people working for the company in different departments. The goal of this company is to bridge all possible gaps between merchants, ClickInc and affiliates by utilizing the power of cultural diversity. There is a personal atmosphere all around this company, from newsletter emails to live support. Their team can use several languages when communicating with affiliates and those include: English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Romanian, Russian and Hindi.




Final Recommendation

ClickInc provides affiliate software solution which utilizes TruLink technology for tracking sales and conversions. This is a neat feature which not many other affiliate software platforms offer and which can have a potentially strong impact on your website ranking due to affiliate marketing efforts and links. ClickInc comes as a hosted, cloud-based solution only and there is a demo available on their site which you can try out before you buy. It is highly recommended to check the demo to make sure all the features you will need are there and to see if you can integrate this solution with your website. One big benefit of using this service is the availability of support. You can use live chat support during business hours as well as phone support. They are really polite and swift in solving potential issues.