AlstraSoft ® Affiliate Software

Online business owners can use the Affiliate Network Pro software to start up and manage their own affiliate program, and expand the reach of their online business. Affiliate marketing helps merchant grow traffic, and ultimately profit from online sales. This software can also be used to setup a fully functional affiliate network, what is a new business venture itself. Standard set of features and predictable costs based on one-time license purchase should make this software attractive to a majority of retailers looking to venture into this affiliate marketing waters. Continue reading

LinkTrust ® Affiliate Software

LinkTrust is a software platform that provides merchants with comfortable online solutions for starting and managing an affiliate program. Merchants can use this software to setup their affiliate marketing campaigns, attract affiliates signups and to manage commission payouts. There are several payment plans that merchants can choose depending on the business type and marketing needs. All packages include a full features set, which is really impressive and allows for a deep level of customization and integration with existing software and 3rd party platforms. If you are looking for an advanced affiliate marketing software solution, than LinkTrust is a good platform to look into. Continue reading

Tapfiliate ® Affiliate Software

Tapfiliate is a new company from Netherland offering flexible cloud-based affiliate software. Merchants can use this software to increase web the presence and sales by offering commissions to potential affiliates interested in marketing their products. Utilizing affiliate marketing brings many benefits to merchants and eliminates risks present in other online marketing types such as pay-per-click ads. Tapfiliate offers standard features and makes it easy for a merchant to manage his affiliate program and send out payments to eligible affiliates. Continue reading

Webgains ® Affiliate Network

Webgains is a performance-based marketing company located in New York, NY. This company hosts a premium affiliate marketing network that brings together online business owners and marketers in a joint effort of driving sales. Affiliates will help you drive more traffic to your website, increase brand exposure and most importantly – sell more products online. When you join Webgains affiliate network, your affiliate program gets instant exposure to high-end publishers looking for new marketing opportunities. If you have never used affiliate marketing before, this can be a great opportunity to try out this efficient new way of marketing products online. Continue reading

Tradedoubler ® Affiliate Network

Tradedoubler is an international affiliate network that has more than 2,000 merchants and 180,000 affiliates registered. Joining the network as an advertiser guarantees exposure to a huge base of potential affiliates. This network can help business owners to startup their own affiliate program quickly and with proper support. Joining an affiliate network such as one provided by Tradedoubler will help you get new customers, boost sales and spread the word about your products online. Tradedoubler network supports all the popular payment and advertising models including mobile ads. Continue reading

Clickbooth ® Affiliate Network

Clickbooth is focused on performance marketing, empowering business owners with technology to start an affiliate program. High quality pool of affiliates already registered on the network through a rigorous sign up process, guarantee that only top quality traffic will be sent to your website. You can use Clickbooth to effortlessly start an affiliate program and grow your online presence, and increase profit through sales and leads driven by affiliates on the network. Merchants only pay for the actual results, such as successful sales or leads, such as newsletter signups, etc. There are no network entry fees with Clickbooth affiliate network. Continue reading

Avangate ® Affiliate Network

Avangate is an affiliate marketing network that connects merchants with potential affiliates looking for new products to promote. If you are a merchant looking to start and quickly grow an affiliate program, then joining this network is a good choice as it features a huge affiliate base to which your program will be exposed to. Several payment plans that are available target different sized businesses without too many limitations between them. This network only accepts high quality merchants and affiliates, and there is a screening process for both, before they can join the network. Continue reading

Affiliate Window ® Affiliate Network

Affiliate Window is a company providing performance-based marketing solutions. This is a global company with 13 offices all around the world, and they are famous for being the largest affiliate network on the UK market. If you are a merchant looking to grow your online business, joining this affiliate network can help you reach that goal. There are many benefits of joining an award-winning affiliate network such as this one. One of them is that you can rather quickly start and grow your affiliate program as you will get exposure to more than 75000 high-quality publishers all around the world. Continue reading

Flex Offers ® Affiliate Network

What makes this company distinctive from other similar networks is a hands-on approach. The company tries to establish a great relationship with publishers and advertisers, and by providing a great support and fast response time, they are perceived as a company dedicated to its customers. Also, the lack of monthly minimum fees and network activation fees make this one of the more casual companies to work with as the risk is much lower than in comparison with some other networks which have those charges. FlexOffers is an affiliate network that offers good opportunities to merchants looking to quickly start an affiliate program. Continue reading

LeadDyno ® Affiliate Software

LeadDyno offers an easy to use and simplified affiliate tracking software. This software is hosted in the cloud so there is no complicated installation or server specific requirement. The features set is pretty much standard among other affiliate tracking software with the exception that some of the more advanced features, which high end and technical users seeking for ultimate flexibility might require, are missing. Overall, this is a neat piece of software which makes starting an affiliate program easy for merchants new to this marketing concept. Continue reading