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An affiliate network such as Affiliate Future provides an effective solution to growing your business and expanding the reach of your brand. As such, affiliate marketing becomes a tool to improve your business allowing you to expand the boundaries and reach consumers globally.

With over 300,000 publishers currently registered at Affiliate Future network, this is a great place to start your advertising campaign and grow experience through benefits of affiliate marketing. Having in mind this huge potential of large number of publishers, you as an advertiser have an amazing opportunity to create an advertising program that would encourage publishers to participate and help you grow you business.


So How Does It Work?

Affiliate Future is an affiliate network, which means that it connects advertisers and publishers in an interface that allows them to interact and join their effort in order to grow sales and increase ROI.

The solutions provided by Affiliate Future include platforms for advertisers, publishers and agencies.


Advertisers apply via online form to become a part of this network, after which they get access to Affiliate Future platform where they are able to manage campaigns. If you are a merchant or a business owner, this is the section you are interested in.

Affiliate marketing works like this: affiliates (often called “publishers” on affiliate networks) take part in different programs posted by merchants. Merchants are often called “advertisers” on affiliate networks. So the first goal for a merchant is to attract as many affiliates as possible to take part in his affiliate program.

Next step is to provide affiliates with a number of marketing opportunities. So for example, a merchant selling t-shirts online would add them as products into his affiliate program and offer a 10% commission cut to affiliates who drive sales. Affiliates will get details about the product and/or possibly special links they need to use in their marketing efforts. If affiliate manages to drive a visitor to the website who buys a t-shirt, then the affiliate is eligible to receive a set commission for that product. In case the commission was set at 10% and the t-shirt was $10, the affiliate would earn $1 for generating a sale.

Great thing with this model of marketing is that merchants get to choose what feels valuable to them and pay only for those actions. Actions can range from sales, leads, site signups, newsletter signups or any other measurable activities.

Merchant or should we say advertiser, only pays for those actions. This makes the model very lucrative to businesses as the costs or risk of traditional marketing is brought to the very minimum. Other online advertising opportunities are usually priced by impressions or clicks where affiliate marketing model bills only for the viable results set by merchants.




Publishers can join this affiliate network for free. A free signup is usually common among all affiliate networks out there as a large pool of publishers on it is the main selling point and what motivates advertisers to join the network and pay for access in the first place. Publishers are individuals from all kinds of industries. What is common among them is online presence.

Publishers can be blog owners, website admins, people popular on social media or YouTube stars. They utilize the sheer size of their following, influence and reach to promote certain products online, products which are part of an affiliate program they joined.

Usually, publishers choose only products they like and can personally support, products which fit their niche perfectly. Otherwise it would be weird to see a food blogger trying to sell motorcycle parts and that would probably result in wasted marketing effort and no sales.




This affiliate network also supports agencies signup. This can be convenient for advertising agencies looking to grow their clients’ online marketing campaigns.





Plans and Pricing

Affiliate Future offers two types of services to the advertisers.

1. Self Managed Advertisers

This account is used if you want to run your own program on this platform. The benefits available with this account include:

  • Full access to Affiliate Future network
  • Affiliate Future integration and support team
  • Affiliate Future platform training
  • Affiliate Future helpdesk
  • Network launch promotion schedule

2. Account Managed Advertiser

The second type of account is suitable for advertisers who do not have the internal resources to effectively manage the campaign. The features that come with this type of account include:

  • Initial consultation
  • Dedicated account
  • Contact with top relevant publishers and vertical specific publishers
  • Promotion on industry forums
  • One-on-one training
  • Even planning and marketing schedule
  • Monthly analysis and reporting of your program
  • Inclusion in Perfect Partners

As with many affiliate networks available on the market, there is no pricing available on the website. Instead, when you decide to join the network as an advertiser, you will use an online form to submit your application, after which you will be contacted by Affiliate Future team to discuss the details, which include the pricing options available.

Publishers join Affiliate Future network for free.



How to Get Started?

You should visit the home page of the website and choose how you want to join the network.

If you are an advertiser, you will click on “Apply online” button, and you will need to fill out the form with your account details. Affiliate Future will contact you shortly to discuss the details of joining the network as an advertiser.

If you are a publisher, you can join the network for free by using the “Sign up” button found on the home page. You will fill out the form, choose the category in which you specialize (you can choose several categories) and click on “Submit” to confirm your submission.

If you are an agency looking to join Affiliate Future network, you will have to contact the support team in order to discuss the details of how to join the network.


The Benefits

Extensive publisher network with over 300,000 users. This means that when merchants sign up, they get instant exposure to this huge base of potential affiliates. This is something affiliate software does not offer.
Quality support
Affiliate Future platform training
Availability of hands-on, experts support for advertisers looking to create more advanced affiliate marketing campaigns




Joining an affiliate network always comes with usual transaction fees and costs for joining the network. If you are looking for a one-time payment and fixed costs solution, check out some of affiliate software platforms instead.
Pricing available only per request
PayPal not supported for payments
No live chat support




Frequently Asked Questions

“How can I contact a specific publisher?”

Advertisers can use communications center to send messages to publishers. It is not possible to get personal contact details of publishers due to data protection act.

“What are the support desk working hours?”

Support desk working hours are 9 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

“I need help, how can I contact the company?”

You could use email to contact support team at or you can use the following phone number 0207 936 6576 for urgent enquires.

“How fast is the support?”

Support aims to answer all inquiries within one working day.

“How are payments handled?”

Payments are processed via Affiliate Future interface and paid with a credit card. It is possible to also arrange BACS transfer while the proffered method is direct debt.

“Can I pay with PayPal?”

No, PayPal is not supported.

“Can I cancel the commission and/or transaction?”

Yes, advertiser can do this within the 5 days period if an invalid transaction is found in the system. To cancel it go to: Programmes > Check Transaction …and click on the “cancel” button next to the transaction in question.




About The Company

The company Affiliate Future was founded in 1999, and the main mission of the company is to provide a cost effective way of improving online business and generating numerous benefits through this kind of advertising. Affiliate Future is a part of Progressive Digital Media, a media company producing premium business information and marketing solutions. With headquarters in London and offices in US, India and Australia, the company is focused on the global market.



Final Recommendation

Affiliate Future network features a strong base of more than 300,000 publishers. This affiliate network is growing each day and pushing its way forward to becoming one of the top affiliate networks out there. Pricing plans for merchants are diverse and range from do-it-yourself plans to ones featuring expert support in all the relevant areas of affiliate marketing.