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    $890 – $4970
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Post Affiliate Pro is software designed to help you manage and power your affiliate program. This software is there to allow you to easily manage different campaigns and activities such as sales. Starting an affiliate program is one of good strategies aimed at increasing profit and sales. If you are a merchant, entrepreneur or online store owner there are really no reasons why you should not look into starting an affiliate program. What is an affiliate program? It is a marketing setup which allows you to partner up with other users or marketers who then become your affiliates.

The goal affiliates have is marketing and selling your products in order to earn a commission. When affiliates promote your website, incoming traffic increases. Another neat benefit is that the more backlinks your affiliates generate (promoting you via their own websites, blogs, forums etc), the higher your ranking becomes on search engines. These SEO benefits can increase organic traffic and sale opportunities.

Post Affiliate Pro is software which presents a complete solution for starting up and managing an affiliate program. This software provides the entire infrastructure a merchant needs to make the affiliate program come to life. This includes features such as referral signups, providing referral links, tracking sales and commissions.


So How Does it Work?

Merchant Panel:

The merchant panel is the place where everything happens. This is where you manage and run your affiliate program from.

The layout of the merchant panel consists of two main areas: left side bar with all the options and the main window where details of each menu or section are shown.

Video (Merchant Control Panel Tour):

Let’s go through all the features together:

  • Home menu

This section displays an overview of your affiliate program in terms of traffic and sales. It shows a total cost of sales for the current month (these are commissions you need to pay to your affiliates). Next, there is a news section. Finally there are stats displaying pending tasks, clicks, impressions, commissions, refunds and chargebacks.

  • Getting Started menu

This is a neat section as it provides a usable checklist for merchants to follow when starting their affiliate program. Each point contains clear instructions on how to approach it. You can cross-check points you have completed. It starts with “brainstorming” and ends with “promoting your affiliate program”. It is highly recommended to go through the full checklist without skipping any of the points.

  • Campaigns menu

Here all the settings related to managing campaigns are found. There is an overview sub menu showing stats related to campaigns and commissions generated. Next, there is a campaign manager sub menu which allows you to manage each of your affiliate tracking campaigns. Campaign can handle one or more products that you pay the same commission for. You can add new campaigns here as well as edit or delete the existing ones. The last feature found in the campaigns menu is the campaign categories feature. This one allows you to create different categories for your campaigns.

  • Banners menu

This menu has 3 different sub menus which include overview that shows stats of your banners, impressions, clicks and click through ratio. Additionally, there is a banner manager which you use to manage banners and links. Banners can be in many different forms such as image, text link, PDF, flash or promo email templates. Important detail here is that each banner needs to be tied to a campaign (in order to have a commission connected to it) and you can link banners to any target URL. Banner manager feature allows you to create new banners and to edit or delete the existing ones. As with Campaigns, you can create banner categories from Banners menu.

  • Affiliates menu

Overview section shows stats related to your affiliates such as how many affiliates are in your program, how many approved or pending payments there are, etc. Affiliate tree section can show a tree of your affiliates with their sub-affiliates included. Affiliate manager is the most important feature, as here you will be approving and screening your affiliates. You can view and/or change all the details related to affiliates here. Next we have DirectLinks manager feature allowing you to manage URLs, as each URL is first in the pending state until you approve it and make it active. There is also a feature called “Affiliate Help Desk”, and it allows you to setup and integrate LiveAgent service for supporting your affiliates. You do need to have a LiveAgent account to use this feature. You can find more information on LiveAgent here: Last feature found under affiliates menu is affiliate tracking code. This is a search feature with various filters.

  • Transactions menu

This section deals with all kinds of transactions generated by your affiliate program. Overview area shows stats such as commissions total and sales total, pending commissions’ amount etc. Next, we have the raw clicks list. Here you can see the list of all clicks tracked by your affiliate program. It tracks IP addresses along the way so it can be a neat tool for testing, too. Commissions menu lists all tracked commissions. Here you can see only transactions which generated a commission, as well as per-click commissions if you have them setup. Finally, there is a placement overview sub menu which shows the list of affiliates that fit special conditions of compressed commission.

  • Reports menu

This is where all major stats are found. You can find both traffic and finance stats here. Stats include quick reports, trend reports, daily reports, commissions, raw clicks list, payouts history, payouts by affiliate, online users, top affiliates, top referring URLs and keyword performance. Reports menu is perfect for tracking and monitoring the performance of your affiliate campaign.

  • Payouts

Here you can find an overview of affiliate earnings which are due to be paid. This section provides a search tool which you can use to find affiliates which reach the minimum payout balance for example.

  • Emails

This is a messaging feature which you can use to send messages to your affiliates.

  • Configuration menu

This is where you will spend a lot of time when first setting up your affiliate program. Here you can manage all the important settings which include general settings such as language, event logging, proxy server, plug-ins and features. There are also email settings related to mail account, email notifications and templates. Next, there are tracking settings which include cookies, fraud protection, URL parameter names and banner & link format settings. Configuration menu also features important payout settings related to payouts balance, payout options (PayPal, Check, Moneybookers etc), invoice format and VAT handling. Finally, you can also tweak settings related to design and content, such as look of the affiliate signup page, affiliate panel design, etc.

  • Tools menu

Tools menu includes several useful tools such as integration settings which include settings for clicks tracking, sales/leads tracking, cron job integration and API integration, as well as advanced settings. News section allows you to publish news visible to merchants, affiliates or both. There are other tools available such as events logs, logins history, import/export, visitor affiliates, views, problem reporting, merchants, roles and compressed commissions settings.

  • Offline sale menu

This software also allows you to track offline sales based on coupons. You can use this feature to input offline sales information.

  • Help

Post Affiliate Pro features a useful forum and help section with documents and guides for easier setup and troubleshooting.

  • Features and plug-ins sections

Here you can manage add-on extensions and plug-ins. Some of those are free and some need to be purchased separately.

Remaining features in merchant panel are related to account settings and panel settings such as theme used, etc.

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Affiliate Panel:

This is the backend that your affiliates will use when they join your affiliate program. It contains similar features as the merchant panel such as various stats and settings, with the difference that items found in this panel are directly related to your affiliates so there are stats such as number of sales, earned commissions etc. Affiliates can get all the promotional materials needed and join different campaigns using the affiliate panel. What merchant sets up in the merchant panel will be available to affiliates here. It is possible to further customize the look of the affiliate panel for better integration.

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Plans and Pricing

As what is usually the case when purchasing an affiliate software solution, there are two paths to take: in-house affiliate program hosting and downloadable licenses.

In-house hosting plans are subscription based and provide you with fully installed and hosted software solution. This means that you do not need to fiddle with any difficult server installations, rather just login and start setting up your affiliate program.

Hosted version, plans and pricing

  • Basic version priced at $97 per month

This version includes basic affiliate system, unlimited affiliates, and 500,000 tracking requests per month. This version is suitable for small to medium sized affiliate programs.

  • Professional version priced at $197 per month

This version includes a full featured affiliate system, unlimited affiliates, 1,000,000 tracking requests per month and additional professional features support which you can order for one-time fees directly from your account.

  • Ultimate version priced at $477 per month

This version includes a full featured affiliate system, unlimited affiliates, 10,000,000 tracking requests per month, all features included and integration service.

First steps after initial installation (Older version of the software):


License versions, plans and pricing

Downloadable license versions present a onetime payment to purchase the Prost Affiliate Pro software. You need to provide your own web server where the software will be installed.

Getting the software this way usually means that you are more technically skilled merchant or that you have a web development team available for support as installing the software on the server can get technical. Good thing is that free installation service comes with all the versions so the hardest part will be done by the Post Affiliate Pro team.

  • Professional version is priced at $890

This version includes a full featured affiliate system, unlimited affiliates, free installation service, professional features.

  • Ultimate version is priced at $2490

This version includes full featured affiliate system, unlimited affiliates, free installation service, professional features, advanced features, free integration service and bonus LiveAgent startup.

  • Network version is priced at $4970

This version includes all the features as in the ultimate version plus advanced network features which are the ones needed if you want to start your own affiliate network. So this version is not suitable for regular users.

Copy Post Affiliate Pro to server (Older version of the software):



How to Get Started?

When starting with Post Affiliate Pro you should first choose the best license to fit your needs. Decide between the hosted and downloadable version. Hosted solution is easier to get started with but more costly over time, while downloadable version although cheaper in the long run presents a significant investment and specific technical requirements (such as providing a web server for software to be installed on). Benefits of affiliate software over joining an affiliate network are that you control all the fees and payments towards affiliates. There are no hidden costs, monthly minimums or anything like that which is usually the case with affiliate networks.

To get started you should brainstorm about your affiliate program and then purchase hosted or downloadable solution.

You should then review settings, define commissions, add banners and marketing materials, set up emails, customize your affiliate signup form and panel, integrate the affiliate tracking into your website or online store. Once done, test everything and then proceed to promoting your affiliate program to the public.

Video (First steps after initial installation):


More Videos from Post Affiliate Pro
(Older version – 4):

Paying Affiliates

Viewing and Editing Affiliate Data

Viewing Affiliate Activity and Managing Commissions

Initial configuration basics



The Benefits

In comparison to affiliate networks, Post Affiliate Pro software is a platform offering fixed or predictable fees, without additional costs related to sales.
Flexibility and features set
Forum and detailed technical documentation availability
Tutorial videos
Various pricing plans to fit different merchants
Real time reports and statistics
Android and iOS support
Customizable interface
Tracking sales in real time




You are in charge of promoting the affiliate program. (Check affiliate network list – where your program get expose to the network affiliate database immediately after your signup process)
Non US company (possible issues with English level when dealing with support)
Work hours Europe (GMT+1) based
Learning curve involved when getting started with the software
Technical prerequisites involved in case of downloadable license version



Frequently Asked Questions

“Is there a money back guarantee?”

Yes, there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

“What is the difference between monthly plans and downloadable version?”

If you go for one of the monthly plans, you will be purchasing a hosted version of the software. This means that the software is preinstalled on in-house servers and configured for your use. In case of downloadable version, you need to provide a web server where the software will be installed. Hosted version is more suitable to non tech savvy merchants while downloadable license is good for those more tech savvy or merchants who have web development team support.

“Is my data private and secure?”

Yes, each merchant gets a separate database that is not accessible to anyone else.

“Which tracking methods does Post Affiliate Pro use?”

Post Affiliate Pro uses a combination of browser cookie tracking systems with visitor IP address tracking to ensure the highest level of precision.

“How to get support?”

You can place a call, use live chat support or send an email. There is also a knowledge base with documents on many different topics as well as an open forum where you can share experiences with other customers and support staff.

“How fast is the tracking?”

Tracking of sales is done in real time. You will see each sale registered in the system the moment it happens on your site.

“Is Post Affiliate Pro mobile friendly?”

Yes, you can get notifications about new sales on Android, iPhone and iPad systems, as well as track traffic stats in real time.

“Can I upgrade my plan?”

Yes, you can upgrade your version of the software in which case you will need to pay the difference between the price of the version you had and one you wish to upgrade to.


About The Company

Company behind Post Affiliate Pro software is called Quality Unit. This is a European company, based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Toll free number in USA & Canada is +1-888-659-6550 and you can use +421 2 33 456826 if you are within European Union. A good way to get in touch is to use online chat found in the lower right corner of their website, during work hours. Email contact is:



The Bottom Line

Post Affiliate Pro is a neat piece of software and it contains all the features merchant needs to start his own affiliate program. You can check out the demo on their website to get a feel for how the interface works, before you decide if this software is right for you. Customer support for both hosted and license solutions is available to make the initial steps in setting everything up as smooth as possible.