OSIAffiliate by OmniStar ® Full Review

  • Leased Version Price:
    $47.95 – $147.95 / Month (on their server).



OSI affiliate software provides a solution for creating and running a successful affiliate program. This software is designed to streamline affiliate program creation and management by providing all the features business owners and entrepreneurs would need to grow their online business and get more sales. How affiliate programs work? This is a model used by many companies, especially merchants who sell their products online as they can get maximum benefits from starting affiliate program.

It works in such a way that it connects merchants with potential marketing gurus looking to help sell those products for the commission cut. Merchants offer different products and other users can try selling them using their own channels. Sometimes these users come with marketing background; sometimes they are just regular users loving the product. In both cases, they try pitching the product to their followers or friends in order to generate sales. They get paid each time there is a sale. This means that merchants, unlike in other more traditional online advertising, pay only for the conversions and clear results – sales.

This all sounds fun but starting up an affiliate program and managing all aspects of it can get tricky to implement on your site. This is where OmniStart software comes into play. It provides users with software solution featuring everything a merchant would need to start an affiliate program. Software handles everything – affiliate signups, adding products and marketing materials, tracking sales and managing payouts. There are tons of other features which make it easy for merchants to get their affiliate program rolling.


So How Does It Work?

Admin Dashboard

This is the place where you as a merchant will be setting up and managing your affiliate program. Dashboard features main view area as well as header menu for accessing different options and settings.

Here is the list of the features available:

  • Home view

This is the default view you will see when you login. It shows a brief overview of your affiliate program performance. Here you can find statistics such as recent sales and leads, monthly statistics which show a number of sales, clicks, impressions and leads. There is also a top users block showing most successful affiliates and their number of sales and commission. In the bottom of the page, merchants can find a block featuring how-to videos, knowledgebase, improve SEO and support sections. It is highly recommended to watch these videos in order to learn how to get started.

  • Getting started menu

Here you can find options for setting up the sign up page. This is the page where affiliates will sign up to join your affiliate program. There is also a link to quickly set up your program, access promotion and general settings. The option for setting up the sign-up page gives you access to a social widget that can be used on your site to allow your visitors to sign up immediately for your affiliate program. When they sign up, they will be able to instantly share the campaign on their social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or to send an invitation via email. This widget can be useful and you can show it in various places on your site. For example, you could set it up to show up after a product purchase and label it: “Like this product? Tell a friend and get paid”. There are lots of creative ways you can incorporate this on your site to boost sales.

  • Manage referral program menu

Here you can actually add a referral program, manage existing referral programs and manage marketing tools. You can set up details about your referral program and products, and manage all the related settings such as commissions, landing page, type of action you are tracking and commission type. For example, you can calculate commission per each sale or have it based on number of clicks. You can have it based on every 1000 impressions (CPM) without even calculating commission, and rather just track leads. You might wish to pay high profile marketers a fixed monthly commission for their work on your site and in this case you can just use this software to track leads and have stats on how successful they are. You can add multiple affiliate programs and there is a choice to limit some of them and not show them to all affiliate users.

  • Manage users menu

This menu contains links related to users’ management functionality. There are options for adding users, viewing users, searching users and approving users. Please note that users are actually your affiliates. This menu will show different user lists including first and last name as well as email address, information such as which affiliate program they are part of and number of conversions (sales) and clicks they are generating. You can use this interface to search for specific users and to approve new user signups.

  • Reward users menu

This is the place where you can manage everything related to sales and payments. Users (affiliates) are the ones actively promoting your products with the goal of generating sales. They are usually paid a commission based on each sale, unless you have setup your affiliate program differently. You can manage all your sales, search sales, view invoices and search through invoices if you need additional info for book keeping purposes.

  • View reports menu

There are detailed statistics available for all aspects of your affiliate program. Here you can view clicks report, sales report, impressions report as well as advanced reports. These reports can get really detailed and you can use comparison options to get even better overview of how well your affiliate program is working out.



Affiliate Dashboard

When affiliates sign up for your program, they will gain access to affiliate dashboard. This is the place they can get all their information regarding details of your affiliate program and offers available.

Same as admin dashboard, affiliate dashboard contains a main area and a header menu with all the options, so let us review them:

  • Home menu

On the top of the page there is a block showing available offers with unique links for promotion. Affiliates need to use these special links to promote the program in order to ensure all sales will be tracked. There is information about the offer description, unique tracking link and access to additional marketing information provided by the merchant. Next there is an account manager box. The affiliate can see a welcome message set by merchant in this section as well as provide additional information about him. It is advisable that affiliates fill in this contact information as it can be valuable in case merchants would like to contact them. Also, there are the most important metrics displayed in the monthly statistics section. These include total number of clicks generated, total unique clicks, total impressions, a number of conversions and commission earned.

  • My commission menu

Here the affiliate can see details about the commissions. Details include invoicing date/period for each commission, status of the commission (paid or not paid), the amount of commission earned and other details about each individual commission.

  • Modify profile menu

From this menu, affiliates can modify their profile information and other details.

  • Resources menu

Affiliates can use the available resources to improve the performance of their marketing efforts. The options found here are ones for promoting campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn. Then there are options for affiliates to create their own custom links. Affiliates can also setup custom tracking. This helps them find out which ads or banners are performing well in order to maximize their marketing efforts and tweak strategies. Resources menu also provides option for affiliates to invite their friends to join your affiliate program. Finally, affiliates can get access to marketing materials provided by merchants.

  • Reports menu

Affiliates can find all important statistics here. Affiliates can get access to reports including clicks, impressions and sales. It is interesting that affiliates can also see stats for users they have recruited on their own. Finally, there are ad comparison stats which measure success of different programs and ads, this information can be used to determine which strategies are working well.





Plans and Pricing

As what is usually the case when purchasing an affiliate software solution, there are two paths to take: in-house affiliate program hosting and downloadable licenses.

Unlike other affiliate software solutions out there, OSI affiliate offers only hosted version. This means that the software is installed in the cloud and not on your own server. This is generally a more reliable and convenient solution.

There are three plans to choose from:


1. Basic plan priced at $47.95/month

  • This plan features 20,000 tracking requests. This is the monthly allowance and includes all ad clicks, impressions and conversions. Depending on the scope of your affiliate program, this amount might not be enough and you will need to upgrade.
  • Maximum of 200 affiliate users. Again if your affiliate program starts to grow fast, you might need to consider upgrading.
  • Free setup. In case of having trouble integrating the software with your site, integration can be done by OSI experts and it is free of charge.
  • Use your domain. You can point your own domain to their servers, this way your customers and affiliates never know they are using a hosted solution.
  • Directory listing. Once you setup your affiliate program, you can get it features on OSI affiliate website.
  • No transaction fees. There are no additional monthly fees like there are in case of affiliate networks.


2. Professional plan priced at $97.95/month

The main difference with this plan is that it includes a decent amount of tracking requests and affiliate user signups. Additionally, there is separate SEO software provided to help you optimize your website and analyze the stats. This payment plan is the most popular one offered on the site.

  • This plan includes 500,000 tracking requests.
  • 10,000 affiliate users
  • Free setup
  • Usage of custom domain
  • Directory listing
  • No transaction fees
  • Advanced SEO software


3. Premium plan priced at $147.95/month

This plan is aimed at merchants who operate huge businesses and affiliate programs. The only difference in relation to the previous plans is in the number of tracking requests and unlimited affiliate users support.

  • This plan includes 1M tracking requests.
  • Unlimited affiliate users
  • Free setup
  • Use your own domain
  • Directory listing
  • No transaction fees
  • Advanced SEO software



How to Get Started?

Since the software is oriented at beginners and less experienced affiliates, it is quite easy to get started. Visit the website and choose the payment plan that fits your needs. Click on the “Get Started Now” button, and you will be required to set up your account. Have in mind that you will be billed the monthly fee only after 15-day free trial period has passed.



The Benefits

No transaction fees. This is a standard feature all affiliate software solutions offer. This means that besides monthly subscription fees, there are no additional costs or fees related to each conversion.
Really simplified affiliate solution suitable for beginners
How-to videos availability
Clean and simple interface design
Free integration service




Merchants are responsible for marketing and exposing their affiliate program. If you do not have a clear plan for marketing affiliate program to attract affiliates, you can choose to join one of affiliate networks instead. Affiliate networks provide instant exposure to thousands of potential affiliates.
There is no one-off, license-based payment plan available to purchase this software
Software does not offer some of more advanced features other platforms have
No demo page available to test all the features first hand without committing to a trial period
Slightly more expensive in comparison to other affiliate software




Frequently Asked Questions

“Are there any additional fees for sales and leads?”

No, you only pay for the subscription and there are no additional fees.

“Can I use my own domain name?”

Yes, you can use your own domain. If you do not have one, you can purchase it by contacting customer support. You will be provided with all the domain related settings you need to point the domain to your affiliate program.

“Is there are free trial?”

Yes, there is a 15-day free trial period. During that period, you can cancel your subscription any time and you will not be charged.

“What types of payments are accepted?”

You can pay for your subscription using Visa, Master Card or American Express credit cards.

“Do I need to provide a server for software installation?”

No, OSI affiliate software is hosted in the cloud on company servers.

“Is it possible to remove the “powered by” text?”

Yes, this text and branding can be removed by paying an additional $20 per month fee.

“What if I cannot do integration myself?”

Besides all available tutorial videos and documents, Omnistar will provide technical support if you are having trouble integrating the affiliate software into your website. This service is free of charge.

“What happens when I use all available tracking requests?”

You will get a notification by support and your plan will be automatically upgraded.



Company Info

Company which developed this affiliate software is called Omnistar. Founded 15 years ago, this company was focused on providing web based solutions to businesses all around the world. Clients range from high-end ones like Xerox to small business with under 10 employees. Their goal was to create a simple to use affiliate program platform and this was their ticket to set them apart from the competition. You can contact Omnistar by calling 1-800-660-0740 or sending an email to: support@osiaffiliate.com




Final Recommendation

Omnistar Affiliate program is different than others in terms that it is made in such a way that it is much simpler to use. This is because most of users are not very technical and other solutions out there can get really complicated to setup and use. Omnistar has fully succeeded in this. This software is mainly recommended for those looking for an easy-to-use and beginner friendly, hosted affiliate software solution for starting their own affiliate program.