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    $49-$349 / Month (on their server).





LeadDyno is popular affiliate tracking & social media sharing software. This software can be used for starting and managing an affiliate program. Affiliate marketing has been around for a while. This marketing model is attractive both to merchants and affiliates as there are benefits for both parties. Unlike more traditional forms of online marketing, there are no specific costs associated with this model unless the conversions and clear results of the campaigns are seen. This means that affiliates who market products are not paid for their efforts rather only the results and sales they bring.

Starting and managing an affiliate program requires a robust tracking, reporting and payments management system and this is why merchants often go for one of already available software solutions like the one provided by LeadDyno. This software is an interface accessible online which handles everything related to affiliate marketing.


So How Does It Work?

After a merchant purchases the software, he needs to install the visitor, lead and purchase tracking code on his site. There is documentation available on how to do it as well as email and phone installation support.

Once everything is up and running, the merchant will get access to the admin panel where he can setup everything related to his affiliate marketing program. There will also be an affiliate program site up and running on LeadDyno servers where new affiliates can sign up and join your program. You can fully customize the look of this page. If you prefer to have your visitors stay on your site, you can choose to embed the page instead.

After a potential affiliate who is interested in promoting your product signs up, he will gain access to affiliate dashboard. This is where he will get his unique referral link. Whenever visitors use this unique link to visit your site and purchase the product, the affiliate associated with the link earns a commission. Affiliates get access to all the materials posted by merchants such as banner images and other promotional materials. All these materials feature unique referral links which can be tracked.

The easiest way for merchants to pay their affiliates is through PayPal integration. It is possible to mass pay all affiliates or send individual payments to eligible affiliates.

Admin dashboard

Admin dashboard is where merchants setup everything. It is split into a left sidebar menu and main view. There are few settings available in the header tab as well.

  • Default view

By default the dashboard is shown. Here you can see a quick overview of your affiliate program. Dashboard shows total visitors on the given day, total of new visitors. Next there are leads and purchases totals, as well as current and upcoming commissions. There are graphs showing these stats visually. In the bottom of the page we can see details on all the leads and purchases such as the name of the affiliate who sent the traffic, time and referring site.

  • Settings menu

Here we can find general account info settings, manage integration settings, update plan and payment information options, manage sender emails options and access LeadDyno tools. A general account setting is where you setup your domain as well as other most important options. You will also find a link to your affiliate homepage here (this is where affiliates sign up to join your program).

  • Affiliate Program menu

This is where you can manage your affiliates. There are options for managing affiliates, creating new affiliates, paying affiliate commissions, reviewing affiliate commissions and payments. Next we have an important option for configuration of commission plans, as well as managing affiliate types. This software does support multi level and tier affiliate marketing. It means that your affiliates can recruit their own sub-affiliates.

  • Lead pipeline menu

Here we can see detailed information related to all the leads and purchases. This is where merchants can see where each sale originated from with lots of details. This menu contains the following items: visitors, leads, customers, purchases and cancellations.

  • Affiliate content

This is the menu where you can do further tweaking of your affiliate program. It contains affiliate website and dashboard configuration, content library, automated affiliate emails setup, as well as newsletter settings. Of course, it is possible to edit everything. It is recommended to keep the automated affiliate emails on and to tweak the templates.

  • Marketing menu

This is where merchant can manage tracking campaigns and lead follow up emails.




Affiliate dashboard

This is the interface your affiliates will be using. There is a header menu with all the different options including marketing materials access, newsletters, subIDs/Channels and managing leads page.

By default, the affiliate will be shown the home page where he can find his affiliate code, referral link and stats such as sent traffic, sales and payments.

Marketing materials page contains all the banners, graphics and other useful materials merchant has made available. It is easy to copy and paste the embed links.






Plans and Pricing

1. Starter plan comes at the price of $49 per month and it includes the following:

  • This is a plan suitable for websites with up to 3000 unique visitors per month
  • It includes visitor, leads and sales tracking
  • Supports unlimited affiliates
  • This plan features email and phone installation support as well as ongoing support
  • There is a live chat support available 7 days a week

Starter plan is suitable only for small websites as the limit of 3000 unique visitors per month might be too restricting, especially considering additional traffic affiliates will be sending to the site.

2. Biz Builder plan comes at the price of $59 per month with the following features:

  • This plan is suited for websites that have up to 4500 unique visitors per month
  • Visitors, leads and sales tracking is included
  • Support for an unlimited number of affiliates
  • Email and phone installation support as well as ongoing support is included
  • Live chat support available 7 days a week

The only difference with this plan in comparison to the starter plan is the supported number of unique visitors per month that is still relatively small depending on the merchant site and product being marketed.

3. Accelerator plan comes at the price of $79 per month and it includes:

  • This plan supports up to 7500 unique visitors per month
  • Visitor, lead and conversion tracking is included
  • Supports unlimited number of affiliates
  • Email and phone installation and ongoing support is included
  • Live chat support is available 7 days a week

This plan has all the same features as Starter and Biz builder plans, with a support for a higher number of unique visitors.

Obviously all the above plans support a relatively small number of unique visitors per month. Especially if a merchant is having high hopes for his affiliate marketing program and is aiming to bring a lot of traffic to his website that way. This is why LeadDyno offers high octane plans as well. So we can see the three above as beginner plans for small businesses and bloggers.


Big traffic pricing and plans


4. Rainmaker plan costs $149 per month

  • Suitable for websites with up to 25000 unique visitors per month
  • Visitors, leads and sales tracking
  • Unlimited affiliates
  • Email and phone installation and ongoing support
  • Live chat support available 7 days a week

Now this is a payment plan that will be suitable to most of small startups and businesses.

5. Baller plan comes at the cost of $249 per month

  • Supports up to 100000 unique visitors per month
  • Visitors, leads and sales tracking included
  • Unlimited affiliates
  • Email and phone installation and ongoing support
  • Live chat support is available 7 days a week

This is a good plan for medium sized businesses.

6. VIP plan comes at the cost of $349 per month

  • Suitable for websites with up to 500000 unique visitors per month
  • Visitors, leads and sales tracking
  • Supports unlimited number of affiliates
  • Email and phone installation support is included as well as ongoing support
  • Live chat support is available throughout the week

This is a plan that suits medium and big businesses. Most of bigger startups and entrepreneurs would fit this category. Really large businesses like Amazon, Ikea and others would not find even this plan sufficient in terms of supported number of unique visitors per month.

All plans are charged on monthly basis for a hosted affiliate software solution.

It is not possible to purchase this software for a one-time payment. If you were looking for that, check out some of other affiliate software solutions we have reviewed.



How to Get Started?

This software is relatively easy to get started with since all packages are for a cloud based solution which does not require installation on your own server. What merchant needs to do is to integrate the tracking code into his website. There is email and phone support available, as well as support documentation.

For start, merchant should choose the plan which fits his website profile in terms of expected number of unique visitors per month. There is a 14-day free trial available that is useful for testing the software and system.



The Benefits

There are no hidden costs. This means that merchant knows exactly how much his affiliate program management will cost at the end of the month. This is a benefit in comparison to affiliate networks out there.
14-day free trial for testing the software
Availability of video tutorials, documentation and live webinars for those new to affiliate marketing
Beginner friendly software
All plans support an unlimited number of affiliates
Live chat support




When it comes to promoting your affiliate program, you are on your own. This is common with affiliate software and if you are looking to attract potential affiliates faster, you should check out some of affiliate networks instead.
Starter plans are all rather expensive in relation to the number of unique visitors supported. Those plans will only support small websites and retailers.
There is no pay once option for purchasing the software
Big traffic plans are not fully balanced




Frequently Asked Questions

“Can I purchase the software through one-time payment?”

No, LeadDyno is only available through monthly subscription based payment plans.

“Do I need to install LeadDyno on my server?”

LeadDyno software is a cloud based, self hosted solution. You only need to install the tracking code on your site.

“Is PayPal supported?”

Yes, you can pay your affiliates through PayPal.

“Are there any hidden fees?”

No, there are no transaction and percentage fees related to sales or any other actions. You only pay for the monthly subscription.

“How can I get support?”

There is a live chat support available throughout the week. There is also email and phone support, as well as extensive documentation on the site.

“I am new to affiliate marketing. Can I get training?”

Yes, there are weekly webinars hosted by LeadDyno’s marketing director and co-founder Brett Owens.

“Is there a free trial?”

Yes, there is a 14-day free trial available.



About The Company

LeadDyno has been founded in August 2012. The team was looking into making an easy affiliate tracking software for their own use. This is how LeadDyno was born. Company headquarters are in Sacramento, California. Sales phone number: +1 888 340 6425 extension 1 (12 am – 5 pm Pacific Time). Support can be reached via same number, using extension 2.




Final Recommendation

LeadDyno is an affiliate tracking software that is easy to use and get started with. There are lots of instructional videos and documentation to help merchants setup everything. There is also a live chat support available every day, as well as phone and email support. This is comforting as sometimes setting everything up and installing the tracking code on your site can go wrong. This software offers all the standard features most of other affiliate software does. A bit of accent is made on making everything as simple as possible so there might be some advanced features missing, though those are usually useful only to high-end retailers and users requesting the highest degree of flexibility.