JROX ® Full Review

  • Leased Version Price:
    $27 / Month (on their server).
  • Owned Version Price:
    $17/Month or $179 one time payment (on your server).


JROX is a company offering affiliate marketing software. If you are a business owner looking to expand and reach new customers, then starting an affiliate program can be beneficial to you. You provide your affiliates with custom, trackable links they can use in their marketing efforts and you as a business owner and merchant only pay for the results, such as sales, newsletter sign ups and other specific actions which can be measured. This kind of business relationship is a win-win situation for merchants and business owners as even if there are no sales, there will be an increase in brand awareness, marketing and inbound links to your website.

This is where affiliate software (Check out our list of affiliate software) comes into play. The software comes with all the tools you will need to make the affiliate program work. It helps you manage and automate affiliate signups, payments, products and links, commissions and everything else.


So How Does It Work?

The Admin Panel

The Admin Interface is the place where you will be managing your affiliate program. You can find stats, payment information, affiliates signups and details as well as all other information here.

When you first login, you will see the dashboard by default. The interface layout consists of the main area where all the details and information is displayed, left sidebar menu with different tools and a top header menu with additional settings.


Here you can find an overview of your affiliate program. You can find various statistics such as how many affiliates are signed up for your program, commissions totals, monthly traffic activity, details on latest affiliates who signed up for your program as well as the latest commissions and sales details.

Members menu

When you go to the manage members option, you can see a list of all the affiliates signed up for your program, their details, you can delete or edit accounts or create a new account manually. Next, there is a manage tier groups option. Here you can setup different groups your affiliates are able to join. So for example, your site might offer different levels of affiliate program such as Basic, Medium and Gold. This is the menu where you can setup the groups with details such as commissions available in each.

Commissions menu

Here you can manage everything related to commissions. First menu item is labeled “manage commissions”. It allows you to see a list of all the eligible commissions generated by your affiliates. These are essentially sales. Next, we have action commissions menu. Options found here allow you to create one-off, single level commissions. These are used for tracking action based commissions. So for example, if you wish to pay your affiliates for each forum or newsletter signup, you can do it here. Then we have scaled commissions menu. Features here allow you to setup different commissions for different sale amounts. Finally, there is an option to setup per product commissions allowing you to setup custom commission for specific products you are selling.

Affiliate payments menu

This is where you setup and send payments to your affiliates. You can pay through PayPal, Bitcoin, Dwolla, Skrill/Moneybookers and Payza. It is also possible to print out payment invoices and checks. You will find options to approve payments and also to install affiliate payment module. You will also find payments history in this menu.

Stats and Reports menu

Here you can generate statistics and historical graphs for many of the variables such as: affiliate click through traffic, monthly affiliate click stats, monthly commission stats, monthly sales stats, top affiliates by click, top affiliates by commission per month, top affiliates by sales per month, user registrations, etc.

Program offers menu

This is the place where you actually setup your affiliate program and specify offers and other details. You can add new programs and edit existing ones here.

Content menu

Here you can write and publish articles which will be displayed to affiliates when they login. Different information can be shared here such as news about your products, strategies and other important details. This menu also includes settings for managing FAQ, allowing you to describe your affiliate program to potential affiliates. There is also an option to manage downloads related to the affiliate program, such as training e-books etc.

Marketing tools

This is an important section, where you will share all the promotional materials with your affiliates. So you can add article ads, banners, email ads, html ads, invisible links, light box ads, events, page peel ads, text links and ads, PDF files and videos. It is advisable to share as much of this content with your affiliates as possible since this content will greatly impact the overall success of the program. Next we have performance rewards feature allowing you to setup different conditions for awards to be given to successful affiliates. Finally, there is ad tracker option. It shows stats for all of your ads.

Email tools menu

Here you can view and setup mailing lists. The main feature here is the option to send a mass email out to affiliates. You can find email queue here as well as archive of already sent emails and email templates options. You can tweak and edit email templates using available tools. It is possible to integrate third party mailing lists with the system.

Data Import / Export menu

This menu offers options for important and exporting data. It is possible to import members list as well as to export affiliate payments, commissions and members’ data.

Finally on the top there are features for integration, design setup and customization as well as settings such as global configuration, languages, modules etc.

Here is an overview of Affiliate admin panel:




The Affiliate control panel

This is where your affiliates can login and get access to details about your affiliate program. They will also get their affiliates links using this interface.

  • The top menu provides options for setting up account information, language and viewing FAQ provided by the merchant.
  • Main view shows a dashboard which includes all the important links. This is basically a front end which displays everything relevant to the affiliates. All the information merchant sets up is shown here. This means that all the tracking links, downloads, content and other details will be accessible. There are some additional tools relevant to affiliates such as referral traffic. Here you can see stats and how many visits your marketing efforts are generating. Affiliates can also see their earnings.
  • Other tools include referral payments listing, affiliate program offers and details, videos and tutorials and various reports and stats.





Plans and Pricing

As what is the case with most of other affiliate software solutions out there, there are two main versions you can get – owned license and cloud hosted. The difference between the two is that with the owned version, you need to install the software on your own web server while cloud hosted solution is pre-installed on JROX servers and ready for use.

Owned license comes in two options

  • Monthly leased license at $17 per month. This version includes unlimited affiliates, ongoing priority support and same features as owned version. The only difference is that you pay monthly for this license.
  • Owned license comes at a one-time payment of $179. By choosing this option you own the license. Features include unlimited affiliates, 1 year priority support and 30 day money back guarantee.

Cloud hosted solution comes out $27 per month.

This version means that your affiliate program will be hosted by JROX and no installation is required. Other features include unlimited affiliates, your own domain name, 2 GB of web space and 10 GB of traffic.

In every case, monthly subscriptions can be canceled any time. There are no contracts or specific long term obligations.




How to Get Started?

When getting started with using affiliate software, the most important detail you need to think about is software installation. Can you do it yourself and do you have a web server ready to install the software? If not, then you should choose the hosted cloud solution as it is more user-friendly and functions in a plug and play manner.

In case of owned license, it is advisable to purchase one month of leased license just to see if this software is for you. If everything works as expected, the owned license provides best savings as it is a one-off payment and you get to use the software indefinitely.


Here you can find videos to help you get started: https://jam.jrox.com/affiliate-software-videos.php





No additional costs after initial purchase. You control all the costs and payments towards affiliates. This is a big difference in comparison to affiliate networks where there are additional costs and fees related to each sale.
Mobile ready
Offers good integration options as well as API for users which demand full integration and control
Great support and forum availability
Lots of how to videos available to get you started




You need to promote your affiliate program yourself to stand a chance of attracting affiliates, this is same with every affiliate software. Check out our list of affiliate network solutions where you can speed this process up and get access to hundreds of potential affiliates as soon as you join the site and setup your program.
Software installation is required and this can get tricky to organize for non tech savvy business owners
Learning curve involved in setting everything up
No telephone support




Frequently Asked Questions

“Are there any fees related to affiliate sales and commissions?”

No, there are no fees at all. The only cost is the license purchase.

“Is it possible to customize the affiliate members’ area?”

Yes, you can make changes to the design using CSS, by uploading your logo and even changing HTML code of the template.

“How to get support?”

You can send an email ticket with your inquiry or post a new topic in the forum to get support.

“Is there an API available for advanced users?”

Yes, it is possible to use API to setup functions such as automatic registration or login.

“Can I setup multiple affiliate programs using one installation?”

Yes, you can! Affiliates will be able to access them all through their members’ area.

“Is there money back guarantee?”

There is a 30 day money back guarantee if you purchase the owned version.

“Are there any long term contracts involved?”

No, you can cancel your subscription any time.



About The Company

This company started in 2005 as a small web hosting and development firm. Due to not being able to find a quality affiliate software solution at the time for their own use, Ryan Roxas – founder of JROX decided to make his own. This is how JROX Affiliate Manager software came about.




Final Recommendation

JROX presents a strong software solution for starting your own affiliate program. The software is well designed and there are extensive materials available in the knowledge base as well as tutorial videos to get you started. Pricing options are flexible and range from leased version (which is good for testing) to owned version, which brings the most value. There is also hosted version for those who need a cloud based setup.