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Leased Version:
$29.99 – $59.99 / Month

Owned Version:
$149.99 – $399.99



iDevDirect LLC is a company which has been around for more than 15 years and it is one of the most popular on the market. They are offering an affiliate tracking software called iDevAffiliate, which can help you make additional revenue for your company by getting involved in starting an affiliate program to help you boost sales.

Affiliate program allows you to offer other users to sell your product and get a share of the revenue in return. This is usually a win-win situation for all parties as you (a merchant) get free marketing generated by other users who are trying to sell your product using their own channels such as social networks, websites and resources. These users and marketers usually do not have their own product to sell and they make profit from commissions earned from each sale they do for your business.

This company provides affiliate software solution, which is essentially a complex affiliates operation, management and tracking center. This software is either installed on your own website or run from the iDevDirect company’s own server. It allows you to offer other users (aspiring affiliates) to start selling and marketing your products for you. This service can help you generate additional sales without investing additional funds and resources into marketing efforts and strategies as once the affiliate program is setup.

It is in a great deal automated process and this automation and ease of use is what makes iDevAffiliate software highly useful.



So How Does it Work?


1. The Admin Center

The admin center of the iDevAffiliate software is the place where you manage your affiliate program. This is where you setup the program and tweak all the settings, set commissions, manage payments, follow statistics etc.

Let’s go through the admin panel in details, as you as a merchant will spend most of your time here.

The admin panel layout is separated into three main areas: header area, sidebar menu and main display area, which by default shows the affiliate dashboard, which sums up all the important stats such as commissions, website visitors, latest affiliates, etc.

In the header area, we can find the following options:

  • System settings menu: this is where you tweak general settings, localization, email settings, PayPal payments settings, mailing list integration, etc. There is also an option here, which allows you to import existing affiliate accounts.
  • Cart integration menu: here you can find options for integrating referral options and tracking into shopping cart on your website as well as manage integration profiles.
  • General settings menu: settings found in this menu include customer tracking, affiliate links settings, advanced tracking options, fraud control, performance rewards, offline marketing, affiliate co-branding and affiliate library.
  • Commission settings menu: this is where you setup and manage everything related to commissions and the settings include payout levels, tier payout levels, override commissions, coupon code commissions, per-product commissioning, promotional bonuses, recurring commissions and delayed commissions.
  • Templates menu: this is where you setup visual parameters and templates used.


Besides the above settings, which can get a bit technical, the header tab also offers access to internal messages system and options for admin accounts management.

The sidebar menu offers following functionality:

  • Reports: these are various statistics related to the performance of your affiliates and include daily reports, trends and stats such as top affiliates, top referring URLs, T&C reports, commissions and marketing statistics.
  • Affiliates: here you can manage everything related to the affiliates selling your product. You can view and manage approved accounts, pending accounts as well as declined accounts. There are also options to manage tiers, send messages to your affiliates, email affiliates, manage user access, affiliate logos in case of co-branding deals and testimonials provided by your affiliates.
  • Commissions: this is the area where you can view and manage everything related to commissions earned by your affiliates. The options include details on commissions, which are pending approval, currently approved, delayed or declined. You can also find recurring commissions here and create a commission manually (in example giving a bonus to a hard working referral).
  • Traffic Log: here you can view details about each visitor, which was sent by affiliates to your website.
  • Marketing groups: this section of the admin panel allows you to organize marketing materials and generate traffic to different pages or websites.
  • Marketing materials: here you can provide your affiliates with banners, page peels, lightboxes, text ads, text links, html templates, email templates, PDF documents and QR codes, which they can use in their marketing efforts.
  • Training materials: this is the place where you provide your affiliates with different training materials such as PDF documents or videos.

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2. The Affiliate Control Panel:

The affiliate control panel is the public view of your affiliate program. This is where affiliates sign up for your program and get all the information on available opportunities. Affiliates can get marketing materials, links, banners, as well as view important transactions and earnings stats using the control panel.

The initial page of the affiliate control panel features a sign-up & login form as well as information about the affiliate program, commissions available and other details.

After the sign-up process, each affiliate will have unique user ID and password. Once the affiliate is logged in, the affiliate control panel looks like this:

On the top, the affiliate can see the most important information, which is of course his earnings and successful transactions. There is also a main referral link available which is used by the referral when marketing the product and which allows all sales to be tracked accordingly.

All affiliates will have access to all the training materials such as videos, PDF documents and other manuals using the left sidebar menu. There are also all important marketing materials available such as:

  • Banners
  • QR codes
  • Page Peels
  • Light Boxes
  • Text Ads
  • HTML Ads
  • Text Links
  • Email Links
  • Templates

And more other resources which the affiliate can use to put up ads on his website or share deals with his followers via social media. The more high quality marketing materials you provide your affiliate with, the greater the chances are for their success.

Main area of the affiliate control panel is occupied with various stats on traffic, earnings, payments history, traffic driven to the site, etc.

My Account menu is where the affiliate enters his personal and billing information and other details.

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Plans and Pricing

iDevAffiliate as available both as a one-time purchase (owned version) and subscription based service (leased version). The main difference is that with the owned version, you install the software on your own web server where the leased version is already hosted on the company’s server.

  • Owned vs. Leased?

Owned version is a product available for download. It is meant to be installed on your own web hosting account and presents a one-time purchase. On the other hand, leased version is hosted on iDevDirect’s own servers for a monthly fee. Monthly fee includes complete installation, initial configuration for you and maintenance. You can also get a sub-domain parking option free of charge.

  • Which One to Choose?

If you already have a web hosting account and the needed skills to do the installation by yourself, the most cost-effective option is to go for the owned version. It is also possible to purchase the installation service for additional $45.00 USD if you want to save time. If you do not have a web hosting account or prefer not to have the software installed on your server for any reason, you should go for the leased version.


Owned Version, Plans and Pricing

All editions of the owned version come with unlimited affiliates and unlimited commissions and the only difference is in the number of addons bundled.

  • iDevAffiliate Standard Edition is priced at $149.99 USD
    This version comes with all the features found in the demo available online minus the optional addon modules. There are no functional limits otherwise.
  • iDevAffiliate Gold Edition is priced at $249.99 USD
    This version comes with the same features as standard version plus the following modules: Comission Alert (get instant notifications when new affiliate accounts or commissions are created), Custom Filename (allows you to rename the incoming traffic web page filename from “idevaffiliate.php” to a custom one), Private Signup (allows you to create private signup codes which are required to join your program in case you want to make your affiliate program more exclusive).
  • iDevAffiliate Platinum Edition is priced at $349.99 USD
    It includes the same features set as Gold edition plus the additional modules such as: SEO links (allows you to create SEO friendly external referral links which can benefit your search engine ranking), Language Packs (add new languages to your affiliate control panel).
  • iDevAffiliate Black Edition is priced at $399.99 USD
    It includes the same features set inside Platinum edition, and in this one, we have the following modules added: QR Codes (offer your affiliates an option to use QR codes in marketing), Vanity Coupon Codes (create specific coupon codes for your affiliates).



Leased Version, Plans and Pricing

● iDevAffiliate Standard Edition is priced at $29.99 USD per month

● iDevAffiliate Gold Edition is priced at $39.99 USD per month

● iDevAffiliate Platinum Edition is priced at $49.99 USD per month

● iDevAffiliate Black Edition is priced at $59.99 USD per month

Please note that the features and addons included in each leased edition are exactly the same as in the owned versions.



How To Get Started?

Before making a final decision, you should checkout the demo of the software available online, to get a feel for it firsthand. It allows you to explore the software ecosystem and get familiar with what it has to offer.

Then you should decide whether you want to go for a one-time payment to purchase the software or you wish to go for the subscription-based service. In the long run, owned version is much more cost effective but if you are just starting out with the referrals program on your website or setting it up as a trial mission, going for a leased version can be an interesting option.

When it comes to all the different editions and bundles available, the standard edition seems like a good starting point. It has all the same features as the most expensive edition minus the additional modules which most of the typical users will probably never really need.

Owned version requires you to have a web hosting account, which meets certain requirements to install the software.

Here is a video for Learning how to install the iDevAffiliateone:

Linux/Unix or Windows web hosting account with the following software and services enabled:

  • PHP 5.3 or higher
  • MySQL 5
  • Extension: ionCube
  • Extension: mcrypt

Optional (though recommended):

  • cURL enabled. This is used for updates, training videos, shopping cart integration and updates.
  • GD Library w/ TTF (True Type Fonts) enabled. This is used for security mechanisms such as captcha images found on affiliate signup form.


Keeping Your iDevAffiliate Version Upgraded

Step-by-step instructions for upgrading iDevAffiliate to the current version –



The Benefits

iDevAffiliate is good for merchants and companies interested in starting an affiliate program. It provides all the features you will need to successfully manage and run an affiliate program and it presents one of the most popular software solutions out there. Worth mentioning is that iDevAffiliate integrates really well with almost all shopping carts, checkout and payment gateways. There is a wizard you can use to set this up. List of the compatible systems can be found here. You can get creative when it comes to setting up commissions and their structure, which is in the core of every affiliate program, as iDevAffiliate software feels really versatile in this area.




One of the biggest downsides is that there is a learning curve involved with this software, especially if you are a complete beginner. This means that you will have to spend some time getting acquainted with the software and its features. Luckily, there are lots of tutorials, videos and information out there to help you if you get stuck. Next, there are addon modules, which you might need to purchase separately, and which can really ramp up the base price. The installation of the software, initial setup and integration can get a bit technical.




Frequently Asked Questions

“What is the difference between Standard, Gold, Platinum and Black editions? Which one is the best to start with?”

The only difference is in the number or bundled addons. Note that you can always purchase needed addons individually so the best way to get started is probably to just get the standard edition and go from there.

“How to get support?”

iDevAffiliate comes with the library of more than 30 training videos covering all aspects from installation to marketing. If you ever need additional support, you can use the support centre or submit a ticket with your question through the help desk. Their target response time for support tickets is 8 hours.

“Can I use one license for managing multiple websites?”

Yes, you can do this by using the Marketing Groups option in the software. Please note that if you wish to physically install the software on multiple domains, you will need to purchase additional licenses for each domain.

“Can I customize the affiliates panel frontend?”

Yes. You can customize color scheme, menus, language packs, CSS and HTML.



About The Company

The company behind iDevAffiliate is called iDevDirect and it is located in Southern California, United States. Company has been on the market over 15 years and they are involved in affiliate tracking solutions. There is a sales staff available to answer questions via toll-free number (800) 976-4318 reachable during business hours, which are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm PST. Testimonials page lists, besides regular users, a lot of high-end clients and websites and this provides confidence in using their service.



The Bottom Line

iDevAffiliate comes highly recommended both for complete beginners and highly advanced users who need a high level of reliability when it comes to accurately tracking conversions and affiliate sales.

This is very solid software and it has been around for a long time now. You can use this software to setup an affiliates program for your business to boost sales and you can make it as simple or elaborate as you need it to be. This means that iDevAffiliate will fit all kinds of businesses, products and companies.