Flex Offers ® Full Review

  • Price:
    1. One-time $500 escrow deposit – This deposit is then used to pay for your publisher’s commissions and for FlexOffers fees.
    2. 5% fee charged of what you pay to your publishers.


Affiliate networks in general are a great way for publishers and merchants to connect in order to work on different campaigns together. FlexOffers network seems to be focused on attracting high-end merchants, so this means that there are some really interesting products available for affiliates to market.

There are lots of well-known companies that use this network, companies such as KMart, Macy’s, HP, Hallmark ECards, all use this network exclusively to promote their own affiliate programs and to find publishers willing to promote them through the form of affiliate marketing.


So How Does It Work?

Once you join FlexOffers affiliate network as an advertiser (on the network merchants are called “advertisers”), you get access to various different content delivery formats. As an advertiser, you get access to up-to-date technology and platform that is constantly being improved and which allows you to optimize your affiliate advertising, and maximize the profit you can gain through this kind of marketing.

The whole purpose of an affiliate network is to bring closer merchants and affiliates. Merchants make their products or services available on the network marketplace. If your company sells products that can be bought online, than affiliate marketing is a great way to boost your sales.

When the product is posted on the network, affiliates (also called “publishers” on the network), can join your affiliate program in order to promote those products. Affiliates are motivated to do so as they earn commissions for each sale they drive through their marketing efforts.

FlexOffers provides in-house solution for advertisers, with ability to customize the templates and monitor the performance of your campaign. Advertiser’s interface also allows you to manage publishers, promote different programs, and view performance reports of the campaigns you are running in real time.


Advertisers (Merchants):


1. Real-Time Campaign Tracking

Monitoring sales and transactions in real time helps you get accurate insights into how the campaign is performing, which then gives you an opportunity to optimize the campaign in order to get the most out of it. The reports you generate through this tool can be customized based on the time period you want to evaluate, by choosing the specific date range.

2. Sales Summary

Summary reports of the sales allow you to view the performance of the publishers who are participating in your affiliate program. The data obtained through this summary include publishers ID, impressions, clicks, click-thru rate, sales, conversion rate, sales amount and commission earned. You can also choose the custom date range to view the data for that period. This helps you identify publishers that are doing a great job promoting your products and tweak the campaign and materials available to better suit their marketing needs.


3. Creatives

The files you upload to Flex Offers in order to generate ads are called creatives. This part of the interface shows all of the creatives associated with your account. It is highly recommended to upload high quality materials as this will directly influence the success rate and clicks on your ads.


4. Traffic Reports

A real-time snapshot of the traffic reports allows advertisers to monitor the time period they selected and the leads generated by the publishers in that period. The data included in the traffic reports are the following: click ID, click time and date, referring domain, campaign name, category and referring IP address.


5. Support

Each advertiser is assigned a dedicated manager available to help you through email or a phone call. A ticket system is also available as a type of support, which is especially effective during non-regular working hours. This is very handy as setting up an affiliate program that actually returns revenue can get tricky and any help you get on how to tweak your campaign for better conversions and higher return of investment is appreciated.




Affiliates need to use getting started link on the homepage to sign up in order to join the network.





Plans and Pricing

When you join the network, there is a one-time $500 escrow deposit required for the publishers. This deposit is then used to pay for your publisher’s commissions and for FlexOffers fees.

FlexOffers is known as a low cost affiliate program, with 5% fee charged of what you pay to your publishers. This means that if you pay your publishers $10 per one conversion, you will be paying $0.50 fee to FlexOffers per each conversion (transaction).

Besides the escrow deposit and conversion fee, there are no additional fees charged by the company, which means that there are no monthly minimums, no setup or implementation fees. This makes FlexOffers very interesting to merchants as almost all other networks charge monthly minimum fees, as well as network access fees. Those costs in a lot of cases ramp up and make it difficult for merchants to motivate running an affiliate program. On this network the risk for merchants is almost nonexistent as the only fees are related to successful conversions and products sales. It is also worth noting that publishers will be promoting your products all around the web, with no guarantee of success as they only get paid when there are actual conversions. No other marketing types offer this kind of setup where advertisers only pay for the actual results. Usually, online marketing is charged on the impressions or clicks basis.

Since the fee FlexOffers charges are related to the number of conversions achieved by the publishers participating in your program, there is no way to predict the exact monthly costs of managing a campaign through FlexOffers network. The best way to monitor the situation is by using a reporting feature to track the activity of your publishers.


How to Get Started?

Once you decide to sign up as an advertiser on FlexOffers, you will go through three-step application process. First you will have to provide your name, email address and a password, by which you create your account. In the second step you need to provide company information and in the third step you will have to provide marketing information related to you affiliate program.

Having created the account you are ready to explore the features of the interface and to set up your affiliate program. The interface itself is very user-friendly, as it was designed with the user in mind, so that even those advertisers with no prior experience will quickly learn to use the features successfully. This is important as setting up affiliate software in most cases requires a merchant to be tech savvy or to have a web developer in his team. FlexOffers is an affiliate network and merchant uses web browsers to access everything online, with no prior installation required.

At any moment you can reach support by a phone number of an email. Additionally, numerous guides and helpful FAQs are available to help advertisers with any questions and concerns they might have in relation to setting up and managing an affiliate program.


The benefits

Direct access to a potential affiliate’s base. Using affiliate network helps merchants to get the affiliate program going faster in comparison to using affiliate software.
No network access fees
No monthly minimum costs
High quality merchants such as KMart, Macy’s, HP and Hallmark use this network.
Phone support availability




Merchant needs to pay transaction fees to network host for each sale his affiliates make. If you are looking for a fixed cost solution, we suggest checking out affiliate software solutions.
There is a one-time $500 escrow deposit
No extensive guides or video tutorial videos available




Frequently Asked Questions

” How many campaigns can I create with FlexOffers affiliate network? “

The network allows you to create unlimited number of campaigns.

” How often is data updated when using a reporting feature? “

The data shown in the reporting feature are updated in real time, which means that as soon as the server updates, the data will be visible in the report.

” How long will it take for my application to be approved? “

Once you fill in the information necessary in each step of the application, your application will be approved within a few days.

” When will I be charged? “

The advertisers are sent an invoice once a month, unless otherwise is noted.

” What kind of payments does FlexOffers accept? “

Credit cards, PayPal and wire transfer are the methods that can be used to manage payments with FlexOffers.

” Is there a deposit when signing up? “

Yes, all advertisers need to pay a one-time $500 deposit fee. This deposit will be used for publisher payments as well as network transaction fees.

” Are there monthly minimum fees? “

No, there are no monthly minimum fees. If your affiliates do not make any sales, you will not be charged anything.




About The Company

FlexOffers affiliate network is a Miami based company run by Alex Daskaloff offering advertising and marketing solutions. Customers can reach FlexOffer Monday through Friday via phone (1-866-774-9940) or email (support@flexoffers.com).





Final Recommendation

FlexOffers is an interesting choice for those new to affiliate networks as there are no monthly minimum fees except for a one-time deposit that needs to be processed upon signing up. Almost all other networks have monthly minimum fees which make them costly to try out and sometimes too costly for those who do not manage to build their affiliates base quickly enough. FlexOffers has a nice base of merchants and affiliate already on the network and your product will be instantly exposed to a lot of potential affiliates upon joining the network.