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The major challenge with running an online business today is how to stay competitive and how to ensure that there is a constant flow of visitors to your site. Quality traffic to the website is essential, and without it you cannot generate sales. Google and other major search engines constantly change the rules of the game, making it more difficult to show up on the first page of the search results. This is because there is too much content online nowadays, that there is a strong need to filter out and present only relevant and high quality websites to the end users.


So How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing model is very similar to the traditional door-to-door offline marketing approach. It is based on making a connection with the potential customers and then pitching certain products based on the personal recommendation. There are two sides that collaborate together in a joint effort: advertisers (or should we say merchants) and affiliates. Merchants join the affiliate network and present their products and affiliate marketing opportunities. On the other hand, affiliates choose products they like and they promote them. Affiliates are marketers and bloggers looking for ways to monetize their websites. These are often established blog owners, persons with a great social media following and other individuals. They choose to promote certain products on their websites in exchange for a commission in case of a successful sale.

Merchants set the commissions and rules of their affiliate program. You can set the commission percentage for each products or group of products. This commission is the payout amount to the affiliate in case there is a successful sale driven by the affiliate. This type of marketing is great for merchants as there is very little risk in terms of investment, since the payouts are made only for the actual results. These results can be actions (such as product purchase) or leads, such as newsletter signups, etc. Merchants define commissions and details on the exact actions he finds valuable.

Affiliates browse the Clickbooth affiliate network in search for products they would like to promote. For example, a fashion blog owner would look for fashion advertisers and interesting products to write about on the blog. This is called content marketing. Affiliate will use the special link he or she obtains via Clickbooth affiliate network, and strategically place it in the article. When a visitor reading that blog visits the online store, and makes a purchase – the affiliate earns the commission.

Clickbooth is an affiliate network and it is a sort of meeting place for merchants and potential affiliates. This network provides all the tools needed for merchants and affiliates to work together efficiently. When a merchant joins the network, he gets access to the interface where he can upload information about his products, set commissions and all other details related to his affiliate program. Once the program is set, it is exposed to thousands of potential affiliates who are already on the network looking for new opportunities. Instant exposure of affiliate program to potential affiliates makes it possible to start the affiliate program quickly. It always takes a bit of time for an affiliate program to get going, and the main metric is how many affiliates have joined the program. The more high-quality affiliates a program attracts, the greater the reach and this in turn drives more sales.


How to Get Started?

If you are up for trying out the affiliate marketing model, you can get started by visiting the Clickbooth homepage. Click on the “Advertisers” header menu item, and then use the “Start now” button to get started.

You will be taken to the registration page, where you need to fill in data about your business and accept terms and conditions.

Once you register, you will receive more information on how to get started on the network and you will also get an account manager assigned to you, where you can discuss all the details and your marketing goals.


Plans and Pricing

As what is the case with many other affiliate networks out there, Clickbooth does not offer upfront information on their pricing plans. This means that you need to first register on the site, in order to get a quote for marketing your business on the network.

There are several common factors to be aware of and expect when joining an affiliate network. Many networks charge a network access fee. This is a one-time fee for joining the network, sort of like an entry ticket. The good news is that, based on the information we gathered, Clickbooth does not charge this fee. Besides this fee, many networks charge transaction fees. This is a small percentage charged per each commission transaction towards affiliates. These fees cover the service costs, as Clickbooth takes care of all the financials. Merchants do not pay their affiliate directly, rather indirectly through the network. Some networks have monthly minimum transaction fees. In case there were not enough commission payouts during the given month, a monthly minimum transaction fee is charged instead.

Get in touch with Clickbooth to get a quote for your business. Most affiliate networks are very flexible in handling business of all the different sizes, finding affordable models for each business type. After all, the goal of joining an affiliate network is to increase profit and get a better return on investment when it comes to marketing.



The Benefits

Joining an affiliate network guarantees instant exposure to a large pool of high quality affiliates looking for new products to market. This means that you can start your affiliate program much quicker when using an affiliate network, in comparison to utilizing affiliate software solutions out there.
The company has been around for more than 12+ years now and has had billions of dollars in payouts so far
Exposure to high quality affiliates that pass through the rigorous screening process
Good company reputation
Advanced fraud control systems in place
No network entry fee




Affiliate networks usually charge transaction fees, and other variable fees. This makes it impossible to predict costs of running the affiliate program. If you are looking for fixed and predictable costs for your affiliate program, you should check out some of the affiliate software solutions out there.
Merchants need to sign up on the site in order to get details about the pricing
No phone or live chat support
No extensive training videos available




Frequently Asked Questions

“How can I join this affiliate network?”

Once you register as an advertiser, a dedicated consultant will get in touch with you within 2 business days to discuss details and tailor the offer to your needs.

“Does Clickbooth charge network access fee?”

No, there are no network access costs associated with joining Clickbooth affiliate network.

“What is the tracking cookie length?”

By default, cookies last for 120 days. This ensures that you do not pay for duplicate leads by the same visitors.

“What does an Advertising Consultant do?”

This is your dedicated expert, who constantly monitors your campaign and provides insights on optimization and best practices.

“How about the quality of affiliates?”

Affiliates that are registered on the network are of highest quality. There is a very restrictive admission process for affiliates, where only high-quality ones are selected to join the network. 90% of affiliate applications are rejected.

“Is there a chance of fraud with leads being sent to my site?”

Clickbooth utilizes many different methods to eliminate the chance of fraudulent activity on the network by its affiliates. This, in combination with the restrictive sign up process for affiliates, guarantees legit promotion and leads.

“When does a merchant pay for commissions?”

There are two performance-based models available on the network: CPA (cost per action) and CPL (cost per lead). This means that you as a merchant only pay for the chosen results.

“How can I get support?”

You can get support by submitting a support ticket in the dedicated section of the website.



About The Company

Clickbooth was founded in 2002, with the mission of uniting small business as well as Fortune 500 companies with those who are driving traffic. This performance-based marketing is at the heart of Clickbooth dedication to providing excellent results to both merchants and marketers. The company headquarters are located in Sarasota, FL. You can use the following toll-free phone number to get in touch: 866.867.6333.



Final Recommendation

Clickbooth is one of the most popular affiliate networks out there. This network has been around since 2002, empowering business owners with performance marketing technology to drive more sales. This network unites those who are selling (merchants) with those who drive the traffic (affiliates). If you have been looking for ways to grow your online business, and drive more sales through online marketing, then starting an affiliate program with the help of Clickbooth could be an interesting option for you to explore.