Avant Link ® Affiliate Network

AvantLink is an affiliate network divided into three country specific sub networks – USA, Canada and Australia. Joining a network means that your affiliate program will get instant exposure to a number of potential affiliates looking for good offers, new opportunities and quality products to market. Affiliate marketing can bring both profits in terms of increased volume of sales as well as additional traffic and web exposure. This brings additional value to merchants and expands the brand awareness. AvantLink also provides a solution for those business owners who do not have a dedicated affiliate manager. Continue reading

Affiliate Future ® Affiliate Network

Affiliate future is an affiliate network suitable for medium to large businesses looking to start an affiliate program. Joining a network like this can result in a quick return in terms of traffic increase and number of affiliates joining the program because there are more than 300,000 affiliates on this network looking for new companies and products to work with. This kind of network can significantly boost brand awareness, traffic and sales for merchants who take time to carefully manage their marketing efforts in order to take full advantage of service Affiliate Future provides. Continue reading

LinkConnector ® Affiliate Network

LinkConnector offers access to a premium affiliate network with unique philosophy and approach to marketing focusing on quality over quantity. Joining this affiliate network can bring significant profit to those merchants looking to expand their business. All networks charge network access fee to merchants, but with smart marketing and campaigns – the return of the investment is almost guaranteed considering the established base of affiliates on the network who are always looking for new marketing opportunities to grow. This is a great opportunity for medium/large businesses to expand their reach. Continue reading

Rakuten ® Affiliate Network

Rakuten affiliate network (formerly known as LinkShare) is one of the most popular networks out there. This is a large, premium network with thousands of publishers on it. By joining an affiliate network, you automatically expose your affiliate program to thousands of potential affiliates. This is a great way to give your affiliate program a kick start in a good direction. Rakuten provides reliable tracking technology and expert help in optimizing your marketing campaigns. This company also offers a number of additional marketing channels and opportunities for merchants, besides affiliate marketing. Continue reading

ClickInc ® Affiliate Software

ClickInc.com provides merchants and business owners with cloud-based affiliate software. This platform supports TruLink technology for tracking which is very useful in boosting site ranking. Also, this technology makes it easier for affiliates when it comes to promoting products and services. If you get stuck at any point when using this software, there is live chat or phone support available during business hours ready to help. ClickInc is a good platform for hosting an affiliate program. There is a medium learning curve involved when getting started. We would recommend this service to small and medium businesses. Continue reading

All Affiliate Pro ® Affiliate Software

AllAffiliatePro is affiliate software used for managing affiliate programs. Merchants can choose to install this software on their own website or opt in for a cloud based platform. This software makes it easy to start and manage an affiliate program. Handling time consuming tasks such as sales tracking, approving affiliates and managing payments is made simple using this software. All the packages come with free installation service so this platform might be ideal for those who are not tech savvy yet prefer to use affiliate software for the program due to predictable costs. Hosted version is paid monthly, depending on the number of clicks received Continue reading

OSIAffiliate by OmniStar ® Affiliate Software

Omnistart (or OSI) affiliate software is made for beginners and non technical users looking to start an affiliate program on their website. This is the reason why this software is available only as a hosted version which does not require any installation or complicated server work. This software is rather straightforward to use and functions in an intuitive way which is great for beginners, but it might lack some of the features more advanced users might seek. There are several payment plans available to accommodate different sizes of affiliate programs with easy upgrade options. Continue reading

W4 ® Affiliate Network

W4 presents an elegant solution for starting a high quality affiliate program. This company hosts a dozen of high end customers and features a huge affiliates base. If you are looking for a solution which will kick start your affiliate program, joining an affiliate network like W4 can work very well. Merchants as well as affiliates are required to go through a complex sign up process which ensures top quality network participants. W4 team will assess your products and campaigns and offer advice on how to maximize profit and potential of your affiliate program. This review also serves purpose pairing merchants with appropriate affiliates who can bring the most value through their channels and audience. Continue reading

JROX ® Affiliate Software

JROX Affiliate manager is affiliate software great for merchants looking to expand their customers’ base. Attracting new customers via affiliate marketing is a good way to make additional revenue. This software helps merchants organize such a program in an efficient manner. Various tools and features are included in this software and are presented through a nice looking and manageable interface. As a merchant, you will be in charge of all the sale commissions and payments – there are no hidden costs besides initial purchase of the software. This makes the JROX Affiliate Manager affordable, especially in the long run. Continue reading

CJ (Commission Junction) ® Affiliate Network

CJ affiliate network presents a solution for big retailers to startup, manage and organize complex affiliate programs in order to boost sales, brand awareness and reach. This network is focused on providing top notch service to advertisers who are willing to invest funds into their advertising efforts. Besides from what is expected from affiliate network environment, this company also provides a number of additional marketing related services to help clients reach higher goals. Merchants can choose a various levels of service, from hands on approach to fully outsourced affiliate program solutions handled by CJ Affiliate. This network is recommended to medium to big sized retailers. Continue reading