Avangate ® Full Review

  • Price:
    1. Network fee per transaction – Starting at 3.99% + 0.79 €
    ***limited to 15000 USD Revenue per month
    2. Network fee per transaction – starting at 4.9% + 1.95 € or 8% with minimum 1.95 €
    3. Custom Plan


Modern businesses are turned to the online world as a media to promote and establish a successful business, thus the need to promote products and services has increased over the past few years, forcing business owners to find new ways to advertise.

This is how affiliate marketing has emerged as a great way to connect merchants and those interested in earning a commission by promoting different types of products or services.

The role of an affiliate network here is to provide a platform that will connect merchants and affiliates. As such, Avangate is a company with a decade of experience in working with both merchants and affiliates on helping digital businesses from all over the world to grow their customer base and expand their reach. With over 4,000 merchants on the network and numerous awards the company has gained, Avangate has a global reach and represents a great solution for those interested in exploring the opportunities affiliate marketing provides.


So How Does It Work?

The first step is to join the network by choosing one of the available payment plans. Each application is reviewed by Avangate team before the merchant is actually accepted, as the company want to assess the users who join the network and thus make sure that only the high quality merchants are part of the network.

When it comes to affiliates, joining the network is free. Avangate is known to have over 4,000 merchants already, and some of the prominent merchants include Kaspersky Lab, HP Software, Lavasoft, ABBYY, etc. Advanced marketing tools are available to all the merchants joining the network, including comprehensive reporting options, deep linking, localized shopping carts, dedicated support and flexible payment options.


How to Get Started?

Merchants who want to join Avangate affiliate network need to choose the payment plan first. Payment plans are designed for businesses of different sizes and needs, with plenty of options to satisfy many different types of businesses, including e-commerce, startups, SAAS, etc. Once you choose the payment plan, you will have to fill in a form where you will provide information about your business, which will help Avangate team assess your application and decide whether you qualify for becoming a member of the network. Your payment will be processed only if your application is accepted.

The process of signing up for affiliates is quite simple. An affiliate needs to fill in a form with the information about him and his website. Have in mind that affiliates also need to be approved before they can become a part of the network. Once affiliate is set up on the network, it is time for him to establish a relationship with the vendors and join affiliate programs that seem interesting and ones where it appears possible to achieve most success.


Plans and Pricing

There are three payment plans for merchants to choose from:

  • Growth edition – starting at 3.99% + 0.79 € (Network fee per transaction)

This includes payment processing and merchant account fees, but the plan is limited to 15000 USD per month, which means that it is suitable for merchants who do not expect revenue that exceeds this limit. USD or EUR are supported as payout currencies with this plan, and merchants have access to email and live chat support.

  • Standard edition – starting at 4.9% + 1.95 € or 8% with minimum 1.95 € (Network fee per transaction)

This plan also covers payment processing and merchant account fees, but there is no revenue limit associated with this plan. Unlike growth edition, the plan included advanced shopping cart, 15 billing currencies, A/B testing, 50,000+ affiliates, phone, email and chat support.

  • Enterprise edition – custom pricing

A plan that is perfect for large companies and merchants in need of advanced advertising solutions offers everything from the standard edition plan, plus some additional features, such as advanced brand experience, complete marketing service, multi-channel digital commerce, etc. In order to get payment terms for this plan, you will need to contact sales team.



The benefits

Joining this affiliate network guarantees exposure to thousands of potential affiliates. This is not the case with affiliate software solutions out there, where merchants need to promote their affiliate program on their own.
More than 4,000 brands are on the network
Only high quality affiliates can join the network
Affordable payments model
No setup fee




Merchants need to pay a percentage for each transaction generated by affiliates. If you are looking for predictable and fixed costs, than you should perhaps look into affiliate software solutions that are available on the market.
No trial option available
No live chat support
Managed affiliate program and other add-ons come at an added cost




Frequently Asked Questions

“What do I need to join the network?”

Both merchants and affiliates need to fill in a form and to wait to be approved to join the network. Merchants pay for the access, while it is free for affiliates to join.

“Is there a setup fee?”

There is no setup fee for entry level plans. However, if you need technical assistance with integration of the network into your system, a fee will be charged.

“Do I need to have a web host?”

No. Avangate is fully hosted, PCI-Compliant digital commerce provider.

“Can I cancel my account at any time?”

Yes, it is possible to cancel your account at any moment by contacting support team.

“How can I get in touch with support team?”

The best way to get in touch with support team is to use a contact form available on the website. There is also a 24/7 hotline for shopper support on payment related issues.

“What is Avangate myAccount?”

Avangate myAccount is a service that centralizes all of the shopping activity in the Avangate system. You can use it to download license keys for purchased products, renew licenses, download invoices, etc.

“How do I get Avangate myAccount?”

This account will be automatically created for you once you place an order through the Avangate system.

“What does flexible payment option for affiliates mean?”

It means that you can get paid monthly via wire transfer, check, PayPal or Avangate MasterCard. A minimum $100 has to be reach for the transfer to be initiated.



About The Company

Avangate has the US headquarters in Redwood City and the European headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company was founded in 2006. In 2009 Avangate services are PCI DSS Level 1 certified (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). In 2015 Avangate ranked number one Affiliate Network focused on digital goods; network reaches 50,000 affiliates. Customer delight and excellent service are some values that are nurtured by the company that specializes in international market for digital commerce.





Final Recommendation

Avangate is a great solution for companies looking to explore the benefits of affiliate marketing, especially those in digital commerce and online service industry. Fully hosted solution provided by Avangate is great platform for connecting merchants and affiliates on international level. Different payment plans offer several options for different types of merchants looking to utilize an affiliate network and its potential in reaching affiliates ready to promote the campaigns provided by the merchants.