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Growing your online business today is not easy. This is because the web is growing too fast, and as a result there is too much information and products out there, so there is a strong need for filtering. Search engines in the first place, as well as social networks, are constantly filtering out websites in order to present their end users with the highest quality content. They are interested in showing only the most relevant results, the ones the visitors will enjoy and be engaged with. Unfortunately, this also means that as an online business you not only need to offer quality products, but also fight for web traffic in order to reach the customers.

If you are a merchant running an online store, there is one interesting approach you could experiment with and it is called: affiliate marketing. This is a type of performance-based marketing, which is a bit different from what Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and other similar advertising programs offer. These two advertising programs are based on CPC (cost-per-click) approach, and the merchants get charged for clicks (or impressions if they choose so). Affiliate marketing is based on CPA (cost-per-action) model. This means that you as a merchant only pay for actions that you find valuable.



So How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing that favors merchants. Merchants can choose to pay only for the actions they find value in. Actions can be successful product sales, downloads, newsletter signups, visits to a certain website page, etc. This means that you as a merchant do not need to pay for: marketing effort, impressions, clicks, visits to your website rather only for what brings you actual profit and those are sales (or other actions such as leads). Affiliate marketing counts on interaction between people and the positive word-of-mouth that inspires product purchase.

There are two parties involved in affiliate marketing: merchants and affiliates. Affiliates are individuals interested in joining an affiliate program. These individuals are the ones who will be doing all the marketing. Usually affiliates have popular websites or blogs where they can post advertisements in order to attract potential customers. If a customer clicks on the ad posted by the affiliate, and then makes a purchase, then we consider this action to be a successful sale. This sale is credited to the specific affiliate responsible for it, and in return he earns a commission. Commission is usually a percentage of the retail price, ranging usually from 6% to up to 20% or more depending on the retailer.

Affiliate Window is a network that brings together merchants and affiliates and helps them connect and work together. The main purpose of this network is to provide merchants with a robust solution for starting and running an affiliate program. Starting an affiliate program on your own is not easy as it involves quite a lot of web development work, and there is a need for an advanced interface that allows all sorts of interactions between merchants and affiliates as well as the most important functionality of all: tracking of sales. Thankfully, this is all already available to merchants when they join Affiliate Window network.

Merchants are called “advertisers” on the network, and affiliates are called “publishers”. Merchants, upon joining the network, get access to the interface where they can set up their affiliate program. It is important to do this initial step well and provide all the details about the products you are offering. Merchants set all the details related to commissions and upload promotional materials such as product information, pictures, banners, links, etc. Once the affiliate program is ready, it is promoted on the network so that affiliates can join it. Affiliates will join your program if they like the products and program rules and details. Once affiliate joins your program, he will start promoting your website and products in order to earn the commission.

Besides boosting sales, running an affiliate program has other benefits too. Since your affiliates will be actively promoting your business and spreading the word around, you will start getting more traffic to your website and notice boost on social media too. This means that even if there are no actual sales, you are still making progress in other online marketing areas such as: boosting web traffic, increasing the brand awareness and gaining new inbound links that can benefit your search engine positioning.

Additional features include cross-device tracking, lead generation and voucher solutions. All reports related to your affiliate program are updated in real time.


Plans and Pricing

Affiliate networks do not  always disclose pricing information. This is the case with Affiliate Window company too. Pricing is individual and varies due to many different factors involved such as business type and size, monthly advertising budget, etc. Once you submit your application for joining the network, someone will get back to you to discuss everything related to your affiliate program, including pricing.

What to expect when joining an affiliate network? Usually network charges advertisers a fee for joining the network. This is a fixed priced cost, sort of an entry ticket. Next, since most networks handle all the payments via their own platform (there are no direct payments from merchants to affiliates), there are transaction fees involved. Merchants need to pay a fee for each and every sale, when a commission is paid out to affiliates. Finally, some networks also include monthly minimum fees. Merchants need to meet the minimum criteria (generate enough sales and commission payouts) on monthly basis, otherwise the “monthly minimum fee” will be charged.

Joining the network can get costly, but what merchants pay here is the instant exposure to thousands of high-quality affiliates that are on the network. Once you join the network, you can start and grow your affiliate program rather quickly. You also get expert support from managers on the network, as there is always lots of support for the advertisers, all with the goal of meeting their expectations and increasing profit (both for merchants and network owners).


How to Get Started?

To join the Affiliate Window network, go to their website and use the “Advertisers & Agencies” menu to navigate to “Join Our Network” link. You will be presented with a form to fill. This is the application for joining the network as an advertiser. Fill in all the necessary information and choose a contact method: phone or email. Once you submit the form, someone from the company will get in touch with you to discuss your application and other details.


The benefits

When you join Affiliate Window network, your affiliate program gets instant exposure to thousands of high quality affiliates. This helps you start your program quickly, as opposed to using affiliate software solutions out there.
Only trusty publishers are accepted on the network, this ensures legit and high-quality traffic to your website
Cross-device tracking
Voucher solutions
Reports are updated in real time
Phone and email support available




Joining an affiliate network can sometimes get costly and it is not always possible to predict monthly costs in order to set a budget. If you are looking for predictable costs related to your affiliate program, you should try out one of affiliate software solutions available on the market.
No pricing information disclosed on the website
No instructional videos available
No online demo functionality




Frequently Asked Questions

“How many advertisers and publishers are on the network?”

Currently, there are more than 2100 advertisers and 75000 publishers on the network.

“Is it possible to track sales through multiple devices?”

Yes, with the latest update to the platform it is now possible to track cross-device.

“Is there someone who can help me setup my affiliate program?”

Merchants can get support from the Account Development Team in order to optimize their affiliate program.

“What about the platform, is it easy to use?”

Yes, simplicity is at the heart of this network so the platform is really user-friendly and it does not take long to get familiar with the interface.

“How many sales does this network generate?”

There were 39.5 million sales driven by the network in 2015.

“How much does it cost?”

Merchants interested in joining the network need to submit their application first. Once the application is received, a network representative will get in touch to discuss all the details including payment and costs information.

“Are there any downsides of starting an affiliate program?”

There are really no downsides when it comes to starting and affiliate program. Besides sales, this type of marketing also boosts brand awareness, website traffic and inbound links.

“How can I get support?”

You can get in touch with the support team via the following email address: … or by calling +1 443-863-7720.



About The Company

Affiliate Window is one of the largest global performance marketing networks. This network is built upon the following principles: service – ethics – technology – performance – innovation. Launched in 2013, there are now 13 offices all around the world providing global affiliate marketing solutions, utilizing latest technology. USA headquarters are in Baltimore, Maryland.





Final Recommendation

Affiliate Window is a large, global affiliate marketing network. This company provides performance-based solutions for merchants looking to increase profit and reach new customers. When you join this network, your affiliate program gets exposure to more than 75000, hand-picked, high-quality publishers (affiliates). Merchants can quickly start and grow their affiliate program this way.